Summer Love

“Alright Mum, just promise you won’tget too drunk?”I questioned my mother, Lillian.

“I’ll be fine! Thank you for lwtting us do this okay.” She said.

“Just, have fun.” I said before she scampered off to the car that Jay was waiting in.

I turned to Louis and said “That should be us, not out Mums.”

“I don’t know. I think we could have just as much fun as they will.” Louis smirked.

“Louis,” I paused. “Our Mums are going clubbing. What could be more fun than that?”

“I have an idea….” He trailed off.

“What is it?” I asked.

With that Louis pushed me up against the wall, violently kissing my neck.


That was the last summer that I ever saw Louis Tomlinson. The next march he tried out for The X-Factor and I never saw him again. But this summer, he’s coming back.


2. Panicking

Abby’s Regular Outfit:


Chapter 2: Panicking

    I felt myself become light headed at the sight of all of them once. Their eyes, as well as my mothers and Jays pierced into me making me feel light headed. For a split second my eyes connected with Louis, that was all it took. I felt the air rushing through my lungs and my body fell to the ground. The impact came hard knocking the air from my lungs for a few seconds before I gained it back. My vision became blurry as I looked at the seven figures looming above me before everything went black.


    My eyes fluttered open to reveal a bright white light shining down on me, blinding me. I tilted my head so I could face forward. I saw a nurse to my left checking my pulse and to my right my mother sitting wide awake. “Honey! You’re awake!” My mum said cheeringly! this caught the attention of the nurse, also causing her to jump while entering a shot in my arm. This made me groan loudly with pain.

    The nurse apologized and went to go get the doctor. “What happened?” I asked my mother.

    She gave me a sad look before saying “You had a panic attack,” She paused taking a breath “I was just wondering why?” She finished her sentence, staring at me skeptically. This was it, I had to tell her.

    I opened my mouth to speak but was interrupted by a woman walking through the door. Her white lab coat suggested she was the doctor, as did the clipboard she was holding. “Hello, I’m Doctor Hanson, and I’m guessing your mother already told you what happened?” She asked which I responded with a firm nod. “Okay, now all signs show that you’re ready to leave but I would like to keep you here for 1 more night, so that we can get your test to go all the way through and we know it’s okay for you to leave and nothing will happen once you’re discharged.”

“Can you tell me what happened? Why her reaction resulted in a panic attack?” My mother cut in.

“Well, Abby here got something that was unexpected. Something that she wasn’t emotionally prepared for. Her body started to panic. This happened because of the alcohol in her system. It made her brain work too slowly to process what was going on. So, in an attempt to calm her down, The brain shut down all nerves and allowed her to faint.” Dr.Hanson said.

My mother nodded before the doctor left the room. “So, is it okay if I leave? Everyone back at the house is worrying about you.” Lillian stated clearly.

“Oh yeah! I don’t want you to miss out on anything that goes on at the house. And I’m sure that Jay is worrying.....” I trailed off.

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow when I come get you.” She smiled and walked out of the room.


    The next day I dressed in my black skinny jeans and multi-colored top. I hated that hospital, but it was better that going to the beach house and seeing all 5 of them. I couldn’t deal with one, how was I going to deal with five?

    My thoughts faded away when my phone let off a little tri-tone letting me know I had a text. I picked it up off the table next to the hospital bed and read it.

    Steve: Hey! U didn’t answer my call so I just thought I’d text u, see if u were okay.

    Abby: I’m fine, How r u?

    Steve: I’m good, kinda bored.

    Abby: Maybe I can fix that.

    Steve: How?

    Abby: How about some lunch? U pick the place.

    Steve: There’s a really good cafe on 5th.

    Abby: I know that place! Meet u there at 12:30 ;)

    The time now was 8:30 so I finished getting dressed and picked up my personal items. I couldn’t have walked out of that hospital faster than I did just then. I hated the hospital. You have to eat disgusting food and people talk to you like you’re a baby.

    I reached the car with my mother at my side, ready to drive me home. “How was your night?” My mom asked as she pulled out of the parking lot.

    “I was in a hospital, how good could it be?” I said.

    “Point taken.”

    We didn’t really talk for the rest of the ride. I just played with the edges of my phone case awkwardly.

    When we got home I pulled my purse out from by my feet and got out of my mums car.     To make it simple, I was scared shitless. Not only did I have to see Louis, but I had to meet his bandmates.

    I wish I hadn’t come here this summer. This would have never happened and I would resume my life in London. Wait, doesn’t Louis live in London? What if we ran into each other there? What if we were both in the same coffee shop at the same time and didn’t know it? Louis could have been stalking me for all I know! He wouldn’t he’s not that kind of guy. Well, he wasn’t that kind of guy last time I saw him.

    The moment I walked through the door I was crushed into a hug from Jay and introduced to Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall before being pulled into a large yet awkward hug with Louis. As we held in that position for a few moments Louis whispered in my ear “I need to speak to you in private.”

    Once we pulled out of the hug I mouthed “Later.” which he responded to with a firm nod.

    After all the greetings I decided that I better get ready to go out with Steve.

    I decided that my outfit was fine I just needed a little touch-up with my makeup. I quickly applied a decent amount in the bathroom connected to my room. I then exited and walked into the kitchen leaving without notifying anyone. If I did let people know I was leaving they’d ask where and who and many other questions I didn’t want to answer.

    I looked at the clock as I crused down the road in my car. 12:25 it read. I was going to be late. Did it really take me that long to get ready? I guess so.

    I arrived at the cafe at 12: 41 and immediently took a seat across from Steve apologizing for my being late.

    “Hey, it’s okay.” He smiled at me.

    By the end of the date I couldn’t stop laughing. Steve didn’t really tell jokes he was just funny. His snide remarks would make you ponder what to reply with. He was challenging and I liked that. He made me feel like that girl I was in 6th grade who would laugh so hard at penis jokes and sex jokes that seem pointless to me now.

    “Maybe we should go clubbing again another time!” He exclaimed.

    “I’d like that.” I smiled. It was a genuine smile. I really like this guy more than I should considering the amount of time we could spend together this summer.

    When I got home the house was empty and there were no cars in the driveway, telling me everyone went out for dinner or something like that. I went upstairs and changed into sweats but kept on my sweater because it was so comfy.

    I began to cook myself something to eat because well, eating is my hobby. Whenever I’m bored, I eat.

    I stirred the macaroni and cheese in the pot, humming a slight tune in my head.

    My tune was stopped when I heard Louis voice echo through my ears “Hey, I didn’t know you were home.” He said. It’s funny how just the sound of his voice could send jitter’s through me, and not the good kind.

    “I didn’t know you were home either.” I said keeping my eyes on the macoroni and cheese.

    “Can we talk now?” He said abrubtly, causing me to turn and look at him.

    “Fine, what do you want to talk about.”

    “I just want to know what we are going to do. Are we going to be boyfriend and girlfriend or-” He didn’t get to finish his statement on account of my bursting out laughing. Seriously? He thought I would want too date him after that? I was 17 and a virgin! I was mortified!

    “But what do we do?” He asked making me turn serious.

    “We do nothing, we pretend it never happened.” I said pouring the mac and cheese in a bowl and starting to walk upstairs.

    “What if I don’t want to pretend it never happened?!” He yelled after me, causing me to backtrack down the stairs.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I don’t want to pretend it never happened.”

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