Summer Love

“Alright Mum, just promise you won’tget too drunk?”I questioned my mother, Lillian.

“I’ll be fine! Thank you for lwtting us do this okay.” She said.

“Just, have fun.” I said before she scampered off to the car that Jay was waiting in.

I turned to Louis and said “That should be us, not out Mums.”

“I don’t know. I think we could have just as much fun as they will.” Louis smirked.

“Louis,” I paused. “Our Mums are going clubbing. What could be more fun than that?”

“I have an idea….” He trailed off.

“What is it?” I asked.

With that Louis pushed me up against the wall, violently kissing my neck.


That was the last summer that I ever saw Louis Tomlinson. The next march he tried out for The X-Factor and I never saw him again. But this summer, he’s coming back.


1. Find You

Abby’s Regular Outfit:

Abby’s Classy Outfit:

Chapter 1: Find You

I always loved summer. And not for the normal reason. I loved summer because my mum, Lillian, my Mum's friend Jay and her son Louis, and I always spent the summer at Brighton Beach. My Mum and Jay were really good friends In high school and have stayed pretty close throughout college. So when my mom moved more towards London instead of Doncaster they then decided to spend the summers with their eldest children at our beach house at Brighton. I remember all the fun we had there. Especially last time I was there. Which was three years ago.

Me and Louis were 17 and our Mums had gone out clubbing or something fun, I forgot what it exactly. Anyway, so me and Louis were home alone. Seventeen, virgins, best friends. It seemed like the best thing to do at the moment, but afterward we regretted it because, well, what's more awkward than losing your virginity to your best friend.

During March of the next year Louis auditioned for The X-Factor. I never saw much of him after that. My mum and Jay still went to Brighton every year and Louis still did as well, only for a few weeks at a time. He had world tours and his amazing girlfriend. No matter what you do, don’t call me jealous. I was honestly happy for him, he was living the dream. Eleanor was a model and she was funny, as far as I knew anyway, the only bit I knew of her was through Twitter.

I had heard some stuff on Twitter and E! News about them breaking up and all I could hope was that it wasn’t true. In pictures Louis really looked like he loved her and was happy in all the pictures I saw, so I would have no idea why they broke up.

Today was the first time in three years that I would come back to Brighton for the summer. I could tell I was almost to the private beach house when the smell of the ocean filled my dark grey Lamborghini as well as my lungs. I missed this place, but I was always busy with work during the summer.I was more calm than I suspected myself to be, but I guess that was because Louis wasn’t coming for a few weeks and that gave me some sort of an assurance that I could just escape when he was here, and just enjoy the few weeks I have without him.

The white beach house came into view and I smiled. The house looked the same as before, grey roof and pink flowers lining the wooden path to the door.

Jay came running out of the house with her arms open wide to welcome me into them. “Abby! I haven’t seen you in ages!” Jay said once wrapping me into the hug.

I hugged her back and said  “I know! I missed you!”

My mom wrapped me in a hug afterward before leading me into the house. I carried my luggage up the stairs to the old room I used to stay in over the summer. It still had the rose wallpaper walls and queen sized bed that used to seem so much bigger when I was little. I set my bags down in one corner of the room. I didn’t go downstairs

I laid down on the soft bed, with my back against the mattress. I loved it here. Why did I ever stop coming? For 3 reasons exactly. One, I had a career. I got a modeling job at Victoria’s Secret. I have a different one now but I still couldn’t just quit my job and come here every summer like I used to.

Two, I couldn’t face Louis. I knew he came here every summer since it happened. Even though he was famous. But I couldn’t help but not want to come since it happened.

    Three, there were so many memories here that I just didn’t want to see again. Like that time I first met Louis when we were 4 or 5. It was all just so deep and went back forever. And especially the fact that they all existed here kind of freaked me out. The fact that everyone was just always here and everything exciting was always happening. I remember that our mums wouldn’t leave our sides at this beach house until we were 15, then that one night. That one night. We were 17, and stupid, and horny. I just wish it never happened. I know that sounds rude but I really wish it didn’t. If it hadn’t happened then Louis and I might have kept contact and stayed friends.

    I could just imagine it. If me and Louis hadn’t done it. Maybe he would introduce me to his girlfriend and we would become friends. His bandmates as well. My parents marriage wouldn’t have collapsed like it did it we just hadn’t.

    I know what you’re thinking. How does this relate to my parents divorce. Well, My mom sort of found the box of pregnancy tests that I used. So she started questioning me about it. And there was no going back, so I said “No mum, I am not a virgin.” Then she started going off about how this was my dads fault. That he didn’t raise me right. So it led to divorce.

    I was pulled out of my daydreams when I heard my Mother in the doorway. “Sweetie, don’t you want to go out? Have fun, maybe? Not be trapped inside with a bunch of old ladies?”

    I giggled at the last part. “I’d love to, actually.” I smiled and hopped into the bathroom to get ready. I stripped out of my pink jeans and cross shirt to change into something more classy for where I planned on going.

    I walked downstairs after perfecting my eye makeup. “You look beautiful!” My mum said.

    “Agreed!” Jay exclaimed.

    “Thank you! I better get going though.” I said while looking at the time on my phone.

    “Have fun!” My mum and Jay chanted at the same time.

    I chuckled before saying “That won’t be a problem.” My smile formed into a smirk as I walked out to my car parked perfectly in the driveway. I pulled out and began driving toward my destination. The club 21. It’s the one my Mum and Jay went to when me and Louis..... I mentally slapped myself for thinking about that.

    Before I knew it I had pulled up into valet parking at the club and handed the man my keys as he stared at the beautiful car. I pranced inside the club and made my way over to the bar. I drank a couple of shots to make myself just tipsy enough to be able to drive home and not get in trouble with my Mum or the police.

    I began looking around the club and saw a dark guy with short black hair staring at me.I smirked a bit before brushing off my dress and making my way over to the dance floor. I was never much of a dancer but I was able to get by with what I had. I began shaking my booty to get the tall dark skinned mans attention. Just thanks to my luck he came over and began grinding his crotch against my bottom.

    Through the series of dancing I learned his name was Steve and he was 22. Just one year older than me, so no big deal. After a few songs I turned around to face him and he stared right at me. “C-can I have your number?” I stuttered taken back by his beautiful green eyes.

    He smirked and said “Sure.” before we switched phones and typed in our numbers.

    We smiled at each other for a few seconds before I noticed the time on my phone read 2:00 AM. “I better get going.” I paused. “But I’ll call you.” I smiled.

    “Yeah! I look forward to that.” He smiled. at me before I exited the club. My car awaited in the valet parking. The driver came up and got out and held out the keys. I grabbed them and pulled them from his hand but they wouldn’t budge. I pulled again. Nothing. After a few more tugs they released from his grasp and into mine. I got into my luxury car and began to head down the road toward the beach house. My brain wasn’t working as well as it was normally because of the alcohol coursing through my veins. I kept my eyes on the road, focusing on getting to the beach house. I stayed the speed limit and stopped slowly at red lights.

    I slowed down at the red light and looked at my surroundings. There weren’t that many cars around me so I was safe from and drunk drivers. If they were around it would make it harder to drive in my state. Shit. I should’ve just taken a cab.

    I made it home safely thank god. I thought as I pulled into the driveway. There was something different about the house though. There was something extra. Something that wasn’t there before. I couldn’t put a finger on it.

    I got out of the car the I noticed the Porsche sitting in the driveway. What? No. He wasn’t here. He couldn’t be. If he was I would have a panic attack and cry and I’d have to tell him what he did. What I did. What I did without his input that changed a life. That took a life.

    No. He isn’t here. It’s just your slightly drunk state, it’s making you see things. It’s making you see things. I told myself, I knew it wasn’t true though. I walked up to the front door and opened it up. I heard loud chatter and laughter coming from the living room. I slipped off my heels and held them in the hand that also carried my purse, The other empty.

    I walked into the living room and saw my mother and Jay talking to someone that I refused to take a peek at. “What’s going on?” I asked before turning my head to see not just 1 face I had been dreading to see for 3 years, but 5 of them.


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