I am in love with the thought of you..

Jamyra thought she had the love life that everyone wants. Everyone always said you guys should get married and have little Jam-Jam's and little Hazza's running around but little did everyone no that Harry cheated on her....... What willl happen?


1. Water fight....


authors note 

this is my first fan fic on my own so pls bare with me i will try and update every week but... well you know. any way thanks of reading i hope you like it so far... love you turtlecakes lol new name for you guys 😍❤🙊👋




Harry Harry STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I told him as I ran out side because he had a water gun. "why beautiful you look amazing when you helpless" i can feel myself blush a little but what am i supposed to do he just has that charm on people especially ME. i giggle a little too I'm sorry i just cant  help it. I lean for a kiss and so does he but i completely play him and take the water gun.  'I GOT IT NOW!" point of jamyra oh yea lol i am a loser... Yea but your my little loser ;) "oh I was  talking out loud oops" i spray him with the water gun. "stop it babe pls" nope i say popping the p i giggle after i always do... sadly and then i blush and he make me blush.. "ohhh okay love you wanna war  he says with that adorable smile. and of couse Niall gives him an other water gun and i run because my luck i  don't have any water -.-  great right i run and run until i reach the door and Niall just locked it so i am basically get soaked my Harry... thanks Niall what a best friend you are.. so the only way to get Harry to stop[ is to beg for forgiveness and we are both tough cookies  so you  know how that works. okay okay i give up can we stop i give up ;) , okay okay i wanna go inside im cold 

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