Be My Superman?

All alone in the dark woods,I was running away,from my past.My past is dark and I am only 19.No one know what has happened in my life and I'm never at the same place for long for someone to hear my story.I guess I'll be running for the rest of my life and nothing can stop me.At least that is what I thought.


2. New town.New life


        I was woken up by my alarm clock.Why can't the noise be music,Instead of this annoying noise.Darnit,I just remembered I have to go to work. I got up and turned the water on in the shower,I waited for the water to warm up,I stripped down and hopped in the shower.Afterwards I put my undergarments on,then white jeans and my cafe work shirt.I put on my converse,grabbed my keys,and headed out the door.I got into my black AMG car then headed down the road.It probably sounds weird that i have an expensive car and don't live with a bunch of money,but,This car was my dads before he passed away.but I'm not gonna go into detail about that right now.or ever.When I arrived,I locked my car then went into the cafe I work in.It's usually never crowded in here,maybe its just because its the early hours.I heard a bunch of girls screaming "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THEIR HERE!''   out of curiosity I walked up to the girls and asked what they were talking about. The one that had brown hair said "One Direction is here"  ohhh no wonder girls are screaming,they are a huge boy-band.Oh well,I'm not here to fan girl over bands,I'm here to serve coffee."NEXT" I yelled.A guy in a red Jack Will's hoodie came up to me with his head down. "How may I help you sir?" I asked."Do you guys have lemonade?'' The guy with an adorable british accent asked."Of course" "Then I'll have one too go please" "Oki-doki sir,coming right up"I said "thanks" he said with a smile. I could only see his nose and under but if you ask me he was pretty cute.UGH.. stop it Shay,your just met the guy and you dont even know his name.Is it bad for you to talk to yourself in third person? Oh well.All I can do now is just give this guy his darn lemonade.

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