Summer With Him

Audrey and her best friend, Kaylee are sophomores in high school and have been counting the days until summer. When it's finally summer they promised to make this summer count and swore to let nothing get in between them until Josh and Isaac came...


1. Summer Begins

     "Come on Audrey!" shouted Kaylee near the exit of the school. 

     "Coming!" Kaylee said as she was signing one last year book. 

     It was the last day of school and these two best friends in particular were ready for summer this year. Ever since Christmas break they have been planning their summer. Before they kicked off summer for real they promised each other two thing: one, they had to make this summer one to remember and two, they couldn't let boys come between them.  Kaylee and Audrey had been best friends ever since third grade. They are soon to be juniors and hope this coming summer never ends! This summer they were going to theme parks, have water balloon fights, play messy Twister, talk about girl stuff, and go to the beach! It was going to be the best summer ever. What could go wrong? The day the two girls got out of school they went to the beach and hung out with their other friends. They got to the beach around noon and left at midnight. While they were at the beach fireworks went off. It was the perfect way to kick off the summer! At the beach they just messed around and talked and played gams. Kaylee was a surfer and have won many competitions in the past, so she tried to teach Audrey.

     "I can't do this!" Audrey said while laughing.

     "Oh yes you can! Hey, I tried basketball for you and I couldn't do it!" Kaylee said right back.

     The two girls laughed the whole time while sufring. After they surfed they went and played beach volleyball with their friends from school. It was the ultimate game; boys vs. girls! Kaylee and Audrey both played beach volleyball competitively every summer. They were the best volleyball players in the state. This year they were going to nationals. All their friends didn't stand a chance against them. Finally everyone decided to have a game with everyone verses Kaylee and Audrey. The game was very close, but of corse Kaylee and Audrey won. Everyone besides Kaylee and Audrey left around ten. All the others went to a party after the beach. The two girls were invited, but didn't want to go. When everyone left the girls hung out and talked about their plans for the rest of the summer. They finally went home. When they arrived home the went to Kaylee's room. Kaylee's house was right on the beach so Audrey will be spending most of her summer at Kaylee's house. After the girls got on their pj's and sat on the bed. No body was home except the two girls. After about twenty minutes of being home they heard this huge crash!

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