Burnt Buildings & Hurt Feelings

So I'm basically basing this off of the shake it up episode fire it up Ally hires Trish to work at sonic boom and it strangely burns down then the fireman tells them the fire started by Trish's curling iron on top of Ally's book will Trish and Ally ever be friends again


2. Truth & Truce

Adam: how could this of happened 

Fireman: well a curling iron was set on top of this book *he hands him the book* 

Adam: Ally! Your book! 

Ally: it's all burnt 

She starts to tear up again 

Austin: wait curling iron Trish! 

Trish nervously laughs 

Ally: you burned down sonic boom

Mr Dawson walks up 

Mr Dawson: kids I have some bad news since the music store burned down me and your mother decided we are going to move to Texas to live with grandma till we get back on our feet 

Adam & Ally: what!

Dez: aw who's gonna run the Auslly site with me 

Adam: Dez there isn't gonna be one any more 

Ally: he's right Austin 

Austin: but I don't wanna break up with you 

Ally: I don't want to either but if I move we'll just have to learn to survive with out each other 

Austin: but who's gonna write my songs 

Ally: you'll have to find a new one 

Austin: so we're breaking up 

Ally: yeah 


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