Burnt Buildings & Hurt Feelings

So I'm basically basing this off of the shake it up episode fire it up Ally hires Trish to work at sonic boom and it strangely burns down then the fireman tells them the fire started by Trish's curling iron on top of Ally's book will Trish and Ally ever be friends again


3. Rescuing & Rivaling

Goes to star records 

Adam: Austin why did you drag me and Dez here? 

Austin: because I can't let Ally leave 

Adam: how is coming to star records gonna help 

Austin: you'll see 

goes to Jimmy's office 

Austin: Jimmy I need to talk to you 

Jimmy: sure about what 

Austin: Sonic boom burned down and now Ally has to move to Texas to stay with her grandma and I don't have a song writer but you'll never find a better song writer so I was hoping you could rebuild sonic boom 

Jimmy: sure it'll take a week though 

goes to Ally's room 

Trish walks in 

Ally: go away I don't wanna talk to you 

Trish: no Ally talk to me

Ally: okay you ruined my song book you made me have to break up with my boyfriend and think about Adam you ruined all of lives even Austin's 

Trish: Ally I'm so sorry 

Ally: get out Trish it was a mistake being your best friend 

Trish: Ally.... You don't mean that 

Ally: yes I do

Trish: I hate you

Ally: I hate you too

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