Burnt Buildings & Hurt Feelings

So I'm basically basing this off of the shake it up episode fire it up Ally hires Trish to work at sonic boom and it strangely burns down then the fireman tells them the fire started by Trish's curling iron on top of Ally's book will Trish and Ally ever be friends again


1. Hired & Fired

Ally: okay Trish your hired 

Trish: awesome 

*they high five* SMACK 

Adam: it won't be any different we'll still do all the work 

Trish: that's right 

Austin walks in 

Austin: Ally! We're gonna miss the movie lets go

Ally: ok let's go

they leave 

Adam: Trish! You have to stay here while me and Dez go spy on Austin and Ally 

Trish: why? 

Adam: for the auslly fan page duh 

he leaves

Trish: *plugs her curling iron in* 

her phone starts ringing

Trish: hello....... A SALE! On my way!

she hangs up and runs out 

the next day in front of sonic boom

Ally: it burned down 

Austin: I'm sorry Ally 

she tears up he hugs her   

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