Little Things Do Matter


5. The Setup

   We were in the car the boys still trying to figure out where to go. 

 "It has to be somewhere fun!" said Louis 

 "somewhere with good food!" added Niall 

 "Somewhere not too many people go." added Liam 

  "Yeah." Zayn agreed 

 "And they have to have food!" Niall yelled 

I smiled I knew exactly where to go.

"Cristal, do you know of any good places?" asked Harry. 

"Yeah,I do the fair it is super fun and not many people go during this time of year." I said 

"Do they have good food?" Niall asked I giggled and replied "The best!" 

"I'll text Perrie so she and the girls can come meet us there.' said Zayn. Both Louis and Liam nodded.

"Cristal, do you want to invite anyone?" asked Niall.I thought for a second then nodded I took out my phone and dialed my best friend's number.

"Hello." she picked up 

"Hey, Clo got any plans today?" I asked

"Nope." she responded 

"Great!" I said "Meet me at the fair in 30 minutes?" I asked 

"I thought we were going to go next week." Clo said

"Well, Lets go today meet me there okay?" 

"Fine see you there." 

I hung up the phone and looked up at the boys. 

'So who did you invite?" asked Harry 

"My best friend, Cloe. " I answered.



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