Little Things Do Matter



As soon as we entered the fair Niall went straight for the food. Cloe who was standing next to me asked

"Is this really happening or is it just a dream ?"

"It's really happening" I answered her with a smile on my face. After we all went on a few rides together we split up close went with Niall and I went with Harry. Harry and I went on many different rides and played some fair games. He was playing the ballon popping game and won a huge stuffed monkey that was about 2 feet tall

"Here,it's for you." He said the toy covering his face

"Thanks" I said smiling as I grabbed the huge monkey

"You want to go on the Ferris wheel?" Harry asked

"Sure, although I think he might need his own seat." I said gesturing towards the monkey. Harry laughed as he started walking then stopped to let me catch up.

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