Little Things Do Matter


4. The Escape

   The boys got up and exited the room. We entered the elevator and the bodyguards followed us. The boys were all discussing where we should go. I was in the corner just thinking about how this morning I was just crossing the street and now I was in the same elevator as One Direction. The sound of the elevator doors opening brought me back from my thoughts. When I looked out of the elevator I saw almost a hundred girls in the lobby they were all screaming "ONE DIRECTION, WE WANT 1D!" I felt my heart skip a beat. The bodyguards went out first making a walkway for us. All the boys were signing autographs and taking pictures while I was still by the elevator. Harry looked back at me and came over "Dont worry its not as bad as it seems." he whispered in my ear I looked up at him and nodded. That made me feel a bit better. I walked out to the screaming fans that when I noticed that they weren't only fans there were tons of paparazzi with huge cameras they kept taking pictures. The flash hurt my eyes I put my hand over my eyes and walked towards the exit thats when the paparazzi started to take pictures of me I got really scared they were all yelling at me asking me who I was. I started to back up I felt like the walls were closing in I was about to scream when I felt someone grab my hand. I looked up and saw Harry he was looking at me "Its okay." he mouthed then he signaled to the other boys that it was time to go. Harry held my hand until we got in the car. "Thank you." I said. Harry smiled at me.The car started and we were out of the parking lot away from all the fans and paparazzi.

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