Little Things Do Matter


3. The Band

   In the elevator Harry was silent so i didn't bother to talk. 

"Sorry I had to leave earlier I saw the girls coming and figured you had already had gone through enough." Harry said breaking the silence. 

"Its alright the girls are the reason why I was crossing the street I'm not a big fan of crowds." I answered 

Harry nodded. The elevator doors opened and harry signaled for me to exit as I walked out the first thing I saw were two men dressed in all black at the end of the hallway. When they saw harry they moved apart revealing a door. They let harry through but stopped me.

"Guys its okay shes with me." Harry said. the two guards looked at me but let me through. Harry held the

door open for me I quickly stepped in. Inside there was the biggest tv I had ever seen "Hey guys there someone I want you to meet." Harry said smiling down at me I must have been smiling from ear to ear I had never been that excited before. Three heads popped up from the couch Louis,Zayn,and Liam "Hello" they said. Then Niall came out of the kitchen with a sandwich in his hand he had already taken several bites so his mouth was full "Hi" he managed. "H-h-h-hi." I managed the boys all gave me hugs. the boys led me to the couch where we talked for about 30 minutes we answered each others questions every now and then i would look up at harry he would look right back at me and smile. After a while Louis said "Well we have been stuck inside all day. Does anyone want to go out?" 

"Yeah!" the boys said all together. I looked down at my feet because i knew that meant I had to leave. I guess that Harry saw the look on my face because suddenly interrupted "Cristal do you want to come with us?" my face must have lit up because the boys giggled "of course I'd love to." 

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