Little Things Do Matter


1. Headlights

    It was a normal day in New York City. Normal other than the fact that One Direction was performing in Madison Square Garden that week. I was just walking along the sidewalk when a group of girls ran right past me screaming they were headed towards the Starbucks at the corner. I already knew that they had spotted the band. Trying to get away from all the drama that was about to start I crossed the street. I was about half way across when I saw a pair of headlights heading right towards me. I couldn't move. I felt my muscles tense as I stared at the fast moving car. I closed my eyes getting ready for the impact, but instead I felt someone lift me up. When I opened my eyes again I was on the sidewalk I felt someones hands on my shoulders “Are you alright?” they asked I was in too much shock to respond “Are you alright?” they repeated “y-y-yes” I managed as I looked up at the person that had saved my life, to my surprise Harry Styles was standing right in front of me. I was now staring into his eyes, he was staring right back. Across the street some girls were noticing who he was, Harry seemed to noticed they were coming towards us “Meet me at the Plaza hotel in an hour.” Harry whispered in my ear i managed to nod. Harry then ran around the corner and disappeared. 

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