Little Things Do Matter


6. Arriving At The Fair

About 25 minutes later we arrived at the fair. Liam opened the door and jumped out everyone followed. Once I was out I looked for couldn't but didn't see her so I figured she hadn't arrived yet. I saw Perrie come up behind Zayn and give him a hug Zayn was startled because he hadn't expected them to arrive so quick. Eleanor and Danielle came up and gave their boyfriends hugs. The boys  introduced me to the girls. They were so nice. After 5 minutes Cloe's mom's car pulled up . I ran up and hugged her spinning her around so she couldn't see the boys. "Hi Mrs.Bastion." I said waving at Cloe's Mom "Hey sweetie." she replied "Clo honey call me when you want me to pick you up." said Mrs.Bastion "Thats alright Mrs.Bastion she can come home with me." Mrs.Bastion nodded then pulled out and left. 

"So Cris why the sudden change in plans?" asked Clo

"You'll see just promise me you won't scream or cry." I said

"Why would I do that?" Clo asked 

"Just promise.' I said 

"Okay, I promise." She replied 

Cloe and I walked over to the entrance where the boys were waiting for us. Cloe had gotten a tex so she was looking at her phone. when she looked up she grabbed my arm "Oh my god!" she said to me "Cris is that who I think it is?" she asked while gripping my arm tight. 

"Yeah, Clo it is." I walked over to the boys and stood in front of them  

"Cloe i would like you to meet One direction! " I said 

I could tell Cloe was trying hard not to scream as the boys came up to her and hugged her. 

After we all introduced each other we went and bought our tickets for the fair. 



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