dream big

Joradan is dreaming on being a singer and when she meets Niall Horan and One direction her dreams might come true


1. Hi my name is .....

                                                    Hi my name is Jordan!(: I have a family of friends.Well I do have a brother and sister.Their names are Jazmine and Jacob.They are older then me.DOE.My mother and father are well out of the picture.My dad died in a war when I was 13,and my mom is a designer in Englang. She does gives us money but ever since my dad died she has been different and now she is gone.But my friends have help me get over it.Their names are Iris and Lupe.We have known each other since we were babies.Are fathers worked together in the Airforce and we where stationed in Mullingar, Ireland. Well you know about me and my friends \(^o^)/.

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