Let it burn

I loved her. She was the one I lived for…and she was ripped away from my arms. Along with her, they took away the air from my lungs; they took away the stars I used to gaze at, shining brightly in the night sky. Every night I’d lay in the cold empty bed, remembering the warmth of her body, the scent of her delicate skin. She was such a gorgeous person, and now she was rotting 20 meters underground, forgotten by her loved ones, left to be eaten by worms and other such creepy crawlies..


2. The Encounter

It had been three weeks and four days since I arrived in Bulgaria. And honestly, to my huge surprise, that place was marvelous. That little spec on the map was a real paradise. The places I had visited, the things I had learned, the people I had met – I would never forget this experience! On the list I had been given at my arrival, there was just one uncrossed name. Pleven would be my last destination before heading back home. And as much as I felt sad about having to end this trip, I have to admit, I was pretty excited about the last adventure Bulgaria had in stock for me. Once I arrived in the little town of  Pleven I was left breathless- It may not have been big but the warmth and the beauty which oozed from it could turn even the most ice-cold blood into lava.
I looked at my watch. It was half past noon so I checked into the hotel and then headed to my room. My hunger had reduced, defeated by my thirst for sleep. I dragged myself into the cozy hotel suite bed and shut my eyes.
I was just starting to drift off when my phone rang. It was Alexander.
Throughout the last three weeks, the elderly man had become more than a father to me. After his wife had divorced him and had taken their daughter away, that wonderful old man had nobody. So I kinda took the initiative to make his life a little bit better – We’d watch soccer games whilst drinking huge amounts of beer and stuffing our faces with pizza. Okay, maybe that wasn't the best way to make a person happy.. but the smile I’d see on his face every time I cursed at the soccer players, was precious.
After I picked up my iPhone and answered the call I heard his clear voice:
‘Hello, Olly! I was wondering when we’ll be going out on the tour around town. I didn’t see you come down. Are you resting?’ – he said with his ever so awful accent
‘Uh, yeah.. I was just about to take a nap.’ – I said – ‘About the tour, wait for me out front in about half an hour.’
‘Okay, and sorry I woke you up.’ – he hung up

I layed in bed for a while, then stood up and got changed. I chose to wear more presentable clothes this time - a black T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a black coat. Before going out, I looked at myself in the mirror.
'Looking good, Olly!'- I told myself smiling-' It's such a shame girls don't see it'
I felt my phone vibrating in my coat's pocket, which meant that Alexander was already waiting for me out front. I locked the door and walked towards the hotel exit. There I found Alex, who was talking to someone on the phone whilst smiling widely.
'What are we doing today?'-he asked as we got in the car
'We must visit all the sights.'-I sighed,-' And then we can do what we want.'
'Great! I just spoke with my friend. His daughter has an exhibition today. Want to go?'- he asked.
'Yes, with pleasure!'-I said smiling.
After we visited all the sights we headed to the gallery. We arrived a little bit early, but there were a lot of people out front already. For a moment Alex was out of my sight, but when I found him, he was talking with his friend. I didn't want to spoil the dear moment between friends so I kept my distance. Just as three girls walked past me, Alex invited me inside - his conversation with his friend had ended.

Inside it was overcrowded! There were paintings and photographs suspended on every wall. The table placed near the door was cluttered with chocolates, sweets and opened bottles of champagne, and on the floor there was vases filled with flowers. There were running children everywhere and cameras flashing from every direction. From the other side of the hall I could hear music and laughter, so I went in that direction. The first thing that caught my attention was a girl dressed in a black knee-length dress, brown vest and brown boots, conversing with a group of girls next to her. Her long brown hair was curly,loosely falling over her shoulders. Our eyes met and she smiled shyly. Only one thought was standing out in my head Jesus Christ, Olly! Stop staring at her! You might scare her!, but I just couldn’t look away from her- she was unbelievably beautiful!

The visitors slowly began to leave. I looked at her again- I didn’t know how there could be such an angel! Our eyes met again, but this time I moved quickly and began to stare at the nearest painting. As I stared at the picture, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned and then I realized that what’s standing in front of me is the same girl I’ve been watching all night. She said something in Bulgarian and held out her hand to shake.
‘I'm sorry, but I don’t speak Bulgarian.’-I said.

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