The Princess He's Been Waiting For

Gianna was just a normal girl. She liked one direction of course. But what will happen when she goes to a one direction signing and one of the guys fall for her?..


1. My Big Day

{Gianna's POV}

It was pretty early when I woke up, but I was just so excited!! Today was my 16th birthday and I could do what ever I wanted for the day. So I decided to sleep a little while longer.

At 10:00 my phone rang it was my best friend Alaina. "Hey Alaina!! I anxiously said into my phone.

"Hi Gianna happy b-day". 'What are your plans for the day?" she asked me.

" My mom said I can do whatever I want, do you want to hang out today?? We can go to the mall and get Starbucks".

"Sure that sounds great!" she replied.

"Meet me at my house at 12:30" I said beaming with excitement. "See you there!!" we both said at practically the same time.

I could not wait, so I started to get ready. I picked out a neon green mustache tank top, a pair of blue tie dye jeans, white converse, my One Direction charm bracelet, and i put my hair in a messy bun. Then I waited.


{Alaina's POV}

As soon as I was ready I asked my mom to drop me off at Gianna's house (I could not drive there because I was only 15). I loved checking out all the new snapbacks at Lids with Gianna! and judging outfits and what people were picking out in front of Forever 21 and H&M with her. I came back into focus when I saw Gianna's house.


{Gianna's POV}

"Hey Alaina!!!!" I said happily.

"Hey Gianna!, love your bracelet!"

"Thanks" I replied, we both like One Direction. Alaina's favorite is Zayn and mine's Niall, we like all of them though. But we are not obsessed fans we just like the band. 

"So are you ready to leave?" I asked Alaina, she nodded. "So what are you waiting for??"

We both raced to my dad's civic and plunged the key in "lets go!!" I yelled over the sound of the engine..



Hope you guys like it!!! This is my first fanfic so tell me if you like it or not!! (Alaina is my best friend in real life:) )

                                                                                                                       ~Gianna xxx








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