Stay with me

Stay with me is about me and a boy who is the love of my life ( not really ) but my dad won't let me date him but that does not stop us enjoy!


1. First date

Mia are we going to your place for are project? Nick said UMMM NO. Said Mia . Ok nick said 

Hey where's the glue ? Said Mia why do we need glue? Nick said. OMG! That's funny um I need to go to the restroom 

be right back!  Come on Mia think I really want to ask out nick but what  will he say?

( walk out of the bath room ) and then that Stephen nick ask me out. All he said was hey Mia I really like you and 

i really want to go out with you. Will you like to go on a date? I said OMG YESS YESS YES YES YES in side my head I'm 

real life I said I would really like that. So Sunday at the park? Well I said ok but I really wanted to go to dinner. But no he got to pick.


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