3. hospital

Megans pov:

I raced to the hospital as fast as i could i got to the front desk "Imogen Jefferson please" "yes Hun that's down the hall on the right room 215" she said calmly "thanks" i ran to her room and all i could here was beep.....beep...beep a sigh of relief came from my mouth her eyes fluttered open "where am i" "what am i doing here" i spoke up "your in a hospital Hun and police car hit you looking for your dad luckily your dad was put into ultimate lock down so he won't be getting out soon.


Imogens pov:

The little cheers of the audience inside my head started to sound i was so happy "I'm going to get a drink I'll be back in a few " Megan said walking out, I smiled and nodded as she walked out. I checked my twitter nothing new really.


Harry's pov:

i was walking to the cafe in the hospital waiting for my friend when i turned around and saw the most beautiful girl ever sat in the hospital bed her blonde hair shining in the sun, she turned around to meet my gaze and those blue eyes melted me inside out and her smile made me die. I walked in saying "um hi I'm harr .." but before i could finish "yeah yeah harry styles teen heart throb" "so your not a fan" i asked "not really you guys just don't interest me" she sounded kinda angry "give me a month to prove you wrong about us being all you think we are" i began to say eagerly "so i would be living with you for a month" she said "yep and if at the end of the month you really like me we can go out but if the feeling are mutual then you can carry on with you life as if nothing ever happened" she nodded "1 week this address" i handed her my address, i walked off smiling.


Imogens pov: 

A few minutes later megan arrived with her coffee and keys she said she had to go to work "okay" i said upset by the fact she was leaving me. I got dressed a few hours after that i got signed out of the hospital and walked home. i flopped onto the sofa "aha home sweet home".

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