4. Arriving


1 week later

still Imogens pov: 

i had arrived at this huge house i got out of my car and knocked the huge door to my surprise a boy with chocolate brown eyes and black hair "oh I'm  s..s..sorry i must of got the wrong house" "no love its here you must be here for harry yeah" his Bradford accent was so funny " um yeah is he here" before i knew it harry had bounced to the door zayn walked away and smiled at me. "hey babe you alright " "first yes I'm fine second don't call me babe and third can i come in its freezing out here "oh yeah sorry here c'mon I'll help you with your stuff" he opened my land rovers boot and dragged my pink girly suitcase across the floor "wow pink never thought that would be your colour "shut up" i snapped before walking inside and closing the door well done immi you can't get outta this now i thought to myself.


skip 2 weeks on


Harry's pov:

"so Imogens met all the boys now i think a few of them like-like her but no she is mine and no-one will ever take her away from me i was walking down stairs when i heard voices mumbling i knew it wasn't immi she was upstairs unpacking i peeked through the stairs and saw Niall & zayn "she's well fit" a Bradford accent added to the conversation "but she's nice and pretty too" a Irish accent said i thought i'd act as if nothing happened so i carried on walking down the stairs sure enough all conversations about immi had stopped and they just started talking about food common boys ha ha there so funny sometimes i sat on the sofa whilst someone was banging on the door "i'll get it "Niall screamed gotta love that boy.


megans pov:

its been really lonely without immi here no more of those play fights or arguments about food and doing bagsys on boys in hot films i'm so upset i just have to go see here she left a piece of paper which said a address i thought I'd chance it when i got there i saw a few cars and immi's land rover, i got out the car slammed on the door a very handsome boy answered the door his sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair shoot im starring say something "hi im megan immi's friend" "oh yeah she 's in here c'mon in" his Irish accent melted me.


Niall's pov:

I got up to answer the door bang bang bang "coming" bang "i'm coming jeez" i opened the door to a beautiful girl standing there she had bluey green eyes and curly pink hair crap Niall you starring "Hi im megan immi's friend" she said quickly think of something Niall "oh yeah she's in here c'mon in" wow way to play it cool.

this picture is what megan looks like. ^^ :)







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