The Incident

A man wakes up with odd, foreign thoughts in his head, and the odd sense of hollowness in his memories.


1. Silence


The one thing I fear.

The one thing I remember.

The one thing I can cherish.

Alone, not worrying about others, and how they fare.

Trying to remember what was before.

Trying to wake up from this desolate hell.



        The man awoke, and examined his surroundings. The room he was in was moist, and moisture was seeping through the cracks that formed a web on the walls. There seemed to be others in the room, covered in some strange red liquid. Some odd sensation was coming through the sides of his ears, going in a seeming routine pattern. Splish, splash.  There was more near him, but he couldn't see farther. Splish splash. He felt weak. Like something was leaking out of him. Splish splash. He felt a sensation coming from his left side. Splish splash. He saw the same red liquid from the others coming out of him, and he wanted it to stop. Splish splash. He wanted it to stop, but he wanted it to stay, so he wouldn't be alone. Splish splash. It seemed that the others weren't moving, so they weren't like him. He was different. He could move. He took a closer look at his arm. More red liquid. Splish splash. There seemed to be some orfice flowing it out of his body. he looked around some, looking for anything that could smother it. Splish splash. He found some odd white band that felt sticky, and wrapped it around the orfice. He waited for the band to stop hurting, but instead, it made him feel dizzy and weak. He felt his vision going blank, slowly and steadily. He couldn't feel the orfice anymore. He couldn't hear the noise.

All he had




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