The Incident

A man wakes up with odd, foreign thoughts in his head, and the odd sense of hollowness in his memories.


3. Emotions


What are emotions?

Do they have meanings?

Do they matter in the end?

Do we need them?

Do we want them?

Do we need them?


        Echo woke up. His arm felt much better, and the band was a dark crimson red. He decided that the wound would no longer be an issue in the exploration of this bunker. He slowly got to his feet, and stood up. Finally. Mobility. It seemed like the dead in the room were in some kind of lab coats, and he was in some sort of operation jumpsuit. He quickly spotted the cleanest lab coat and proceeded to carefully take it off the scientist. When he was turning him over, he saw a clipboard in the dead doctor's hands. Curious, and eager to know what had happened when he had lost all memory, he read the legible parts.


Subject seems hostile after taking the chemical delivered via IV tube... Attempted to communicate... Only growls coming  from him, possibly in anger or in inability to do so after the "Incident"... Password to camera terminal is 047792...


        "Camera terminal?" Echo wondered as he put on the coat. "Where could that be?" He then turned the corner, and bumped into a desk with a metal door next to him. The only mechanism on the door was a hatch with some rust on it. Echo attempted to open it via putting all weight on one bar, but the circular lock wouldn't move a single inch. He then looked to his right, spying the live terminal. he typed in the password on the scientist's body, and as expected, went to a video feed. there was only one file saved, labeled Day 1, Patient 763. Echo clicked on it and watched. There was a man on the table, surrounded by scientists. They attempted to use some sort of surgical tool on him, but the man ripped his IV tube out, and proceeded to grab the tool from a doctor's hand. Echo didn't want to watch any more of the tape, realizing that the man in that video was him. He had done all of this. He had killed the scientists. He had been brutal. He saw no mercy in his yes when he attacked the men. That wasn't him now, he thought. That was a monster. That was no man.


That was him.

That was rage.

That was brutality.

That was the only emotion he had witnessed himself have.

He was dangerous.

And the most dangerous of them all was his


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