Falling From Fame

You may know me, well actually if you don't know who I am you must be living under a rock. I'm Lacey Edwards, yes the famous pop star. Pretty much everyone thinks my life is great, I mean being 13 years old and as famous as I am is something not many people have done. But most people don't know about my mother, Donna Edwards. She works for Congress and she is hardly ever home. Always out in Washington D.C., my father died when I was 10, NO ONE knows that, it's just my mom and I. But really it's just me and my fake boyfriend Kendall. I don't particularly like being famous, you never have ANY privacy and it's boring. You must be thinking, 'wow traveling the world and singing in front of millions is boring?' But you would know what I mean if you were in my position...


4. Chapter 4.. END

“Lacey, let’s go! You know Jessie is gonna throw another hissy fit if you don’t start moving!” Kendall yelled from the kitchen. I was in my room getting dressed for the interview.
     “Just give me one more minute!” I screamed back. I looked at my reflection in the mirror one more time and ran out of the bathroom and grabbed my purse. “Ready!” I called. 

      Kendall signed and walked over to the door; he opened it and walked out into the hallway. I scurried after to him, closing and locking the door behind me and ran to catch up with him at the elevator. We got in and pressed the L for lobby and waited for the doors to close.
 “So do you know exactly what will happen during this interview?” Kendall asked me once they did.
   “Not really, they will probably ask a few questions. Maybe have me perform, ask about my new single. Stuff like that.”

    “Oh, okay. I’ve never been to one of these before.”
    “Yeah, well Jessie didn’t really want me to make it seem like our relationship was moving too fast.” I say.
     “Yeah.” Was all he said because the elevator doors opened up and a lot of people were standing around. We stepped out and quickly made our way outside, avoiding all the people milling around. We walked straight to the limo and climbed in.

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