Falling From Fame

You may know me, well actually if you don't know who I am you must be living under a rock. I'm Lacey Edwards, yes the famous pop star. Pretty much everyone thinks my life is great, I mean being 13 years old and as famous as I am is something not many people have done. But most people don't know about my mother, Donna Edwards. She works for Congress and she is hardly ever home. Always out in Washington D.C., my father died when I was 10, NO ONE knows that, it's just my mom and I. But really it's just me and my fake boyfriend Kendall. I don't particularly like being famous, you never have ANY privacy and it's boring. You must be thinking, 'wow traveling the world and singing in front of millions is boring?' But you would know what I mean if you were in my position...


3. Chapter 3



      Kendall walked me up to my hotel room, which was right next to his and joined by a door. I let him inside and he sat down on the couch while I walked into the bathroom to make sure I got all of my make-up off. I walked out and saw that he got two pieces of pizza from the fridge and was sitting at the table with a piece in his mouth.

        "Want one?" he asked motioning to the extra slice.

         "Sure." I walked over and grabbed the pizza and bite into it. I loved cold pizza, and so did Kendall. We sat there in a comfortable silence as we ate. 

         "You should go to bed." Kendall said once we finished eating. It was already 12:15 and I was so tired.

          "Okay.." I said. I walked over to my bed and crawled in like a little kid. Kendall came over and pulled the blankets up around me, he sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed my arm. I had fallen asleep with someone by my side every night for the past 3 years. Ever since my dad died, Kendall started humming softly knowing that it would calm me down. I hated going to sleep, afraid of what I might see in my dreams. Would I relive my father's death again? Like I had so many nights before?

         He rubbed my arm and continued humming. My eye lids got heavy, and slowly they were forced closed as a heavy slumber took over my body. But I still felt the warmth of his hand on my arm..




         I woke up to my phone ringing, which made me shot up in my bed and look wildly around. Once I realized where the nose was coming from I sprinted to where I left my phone last night and answered it.

        "Hello?" I said into the receiver.

       "Hey Lacey, you have an interview today at 3. Bring Kendall; they want to talk to him to. The driver will be at the hotel to come get you guys at 2:30. Try not to be late this time okay?" Jessie’s bright voice rang through the phone. It was way too early to be that cheery.

        "Ugh, fine. What time is it now?"

       "10, you and Kendall can go out shopping or whatever you want today before. Oh and by the way, nice pictures of last night."        

        I laughed, “Thanks. We will probably go out to eat let the paparazzi get a few more shots of us before we head back to America.”

    “Yeah that would be best. Well you two hurry up, you have your meet and greet tonight at 8 as well.” 

      “I know, jeez!” I hung up and threw my phone onto the bed. I stalked over to my bathroom and hoped in the shower washing the sleep from my tired eyes and body.

        After my shower I walked over to the door that joins my room and Kendall’s and knocked on it.
     “C’mon in!” I heard him yell from somewhere inside his room. I pushed open the door and looked around, I saw him sitting on his couch watching TV.

      “Hey, Jessie wants us to go out now so they can get a few pics and then both of us go to the interview today.”

     “What does he want me to do at the interview? Drop down on one knee, proclaim my love for you and ask you to marry me?” He said with a snort. I laughed with him.

     “Hopefully nothing that drastic!” I say and sit down next to him on the couch. “He probably just wants to show the public that you are more than just someone I sneak out the back of arena’s to make-out with.” 
      He laughed harder at that, “Yeah, we really can fool everyone.” He said staring at the TV. I smiled at him and got up.

    “Well we gotta go. It’s already 10:30 and I’m hungry.”

    “Okay, let’s go get some food and then we can do whatever you want.”

     “YAY!” I squeal, I grab his arm and pull him up from the couch. I practically drag him out of the room and towards the elevator. Once inside he wraps his arm around my waist for when the doors open and we are in the lobby.

     The doors open and he squeezes my hip making my giggle. We step out of the elevator and into the busy lobby. A few people brushed past us, but a then a little girl ran up to me jumping up and down.

     “Can I have your autograph?” She asks in an excited voice.

     “Sure!” I reach down and grab the piece of paper and pen she had in her little hands and signed my name. “Want a picture?” I ask her. She nods her head like a bobble head, and right then her mom walks up.

     “I am so sorry she bothered you, I turned my back to her for one moment.” She explained.

      “Oh it’s fine.”

      “Mom, look its Lacey.” The little girl said pointing to me.

      “That’s nice honey, but I’m sure she wants her privacy.”
      “It’s fine really. How about that picture?” I ask the little girl again. She squeals as her mom takes out her phone. The little girl comes over to me; I pick her up and hold her on my hip in between Kendall and me. The mom takes the picture and thanks us, I set the girl back down on the ground and say goodbye to her. She waves at us and Kendall and I walk out of the building.

    Once outside we are swarmed by paparazzi, Kendall pulls me closer to him not taking his hand of my waist. The lights flash everywhere and it starts to get really cramped. I lean into Kendall more and he whispered in my ear that it was all right.
     We soon make it to the edge of the crowd and go over to Kendall’s car. He opens the door for me and I climb in shutting it behind me. Kendall jogs over to the other side and gets in the driver’s seat. He leans over and kisses my cheek.

      “You alright?” He asks. I nod my head and he starts the car and slowly goes forward. He uses his free hand to grasp mine and smiles at me. “Never get used to that?” 

       “Who can?” I say in a sarcastic tone. He laughs as he keeps his eyes on the road. We soon come up to a tiny dinner and he pulls over so we can stop and eat.

         Once we get out there are again more photographers following us. But since they aren’t allowed inside they have to stay at the window that we were seated next to. It was kind of awkward having almost 20 people standing so close to you as we ate. But it happens a lot.

      Kendall and I ordered our food and talked as we waited. “So are you going to write a new song before you go to Madison Square?”

    “I’m planning on it. I don’t really want to sing the same songs over and over again at every concert. I think the fans get bored sometimes.”

      “No one could ever get bored listening to you.” He said with a shy smile. I wacked his arm playfully and rolled my eyes.

       Our food arrived and we I dug into my sausage egg sandwich, I told them to take the bacon off because I hate it which Kendall thinks I’m crazy for. We had a light conversation as we ate about Kendall’s family. We had only been ‘dating’ for 5 months and I have met his family once. They wanted to see me again, and his niece wants to meet me.  I told him since I didn’t have anything on Valentine’s Day I could go visit his parents.

     Of course I’m sure Jessie will make us go out afterwards and be all lovey dovey since it will be Valentine’s Day. We finished eating and Kendall paid for the food. We pushed our way back to the car and carried on with our day.

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