Falling From Fame

You may know me, well actually if you don't know who I am you must be living under a rock. I'm Lacey Edwards, yes the famous pop star. Pretty much everyone thinks my life is great, I mean being 13 years old and as famous as I am is something not many people have done. But most people don't know about my mother, Donna Edwards. She works for Congress and she is hardly ever home. Always out in Washington D.C., my father died when I was 10, NO ONE knows that, it's just my mom and I. But really it's just me and my fake boyfriend Kendall. I don't particularly like being famous, you never have ANY privacy and it's boring. You must be thinking, 'wow traveling the world and singing in front of millions is boring?' But you would know what I mean if you were in my position...


2. Chapter 2



      I climbed off the stage as the fans screamed for me to come back. I made my way back to my dressing room with the help of people pointing me where to go. I closed the door with a sigh and shrugged off my suffocating jacket and undid the belt just below my breasts. I slid out of my skinny jeans and into some sweat pants and threw my shirt across the room and put on a tank top and a hoodie, which just so happened to be one of Kendall's. Kendall wasn't a bad guy at all, he was actually really sweet and cute. Always nice to me, but I could never see us 'dating' for real. we are really just close friends, but when there are cameras around we act all couple like, kissing, and hugging, and he always has his arm around my waist. 


     I wash all the make-up off my face, and throw my hair up into a messy bun. I slide into some warm, fuzzy slippers and grab my phone from the make-up table and put in in the pocket of the hoodie. I grabbed my duffle bag that had some of my things in it and walked out the door. My manager, Jessie, was waiting outside the room with his phone in his hand texting away.



     "Hey, there you are. Great job out there!" He said with a genuine smile. Jessie was really nice and we had a good relationship, but some times we don't see eye to eye.


      "Thanks." I say, I hand him my duffle bag. 


      "Kendall is out back waiting for you." He says and walks away, Kendall is at almost every concert. Even if they are out of the country. He is 15, and is the son of a record producer so he has a private tutor. I smile and walk back towards the exit, right next to the door there he stood. His shaggy brown hair styled up a little and his hands shoved in his black jean pockets. He was starring at the ground and when he heard my footsteps he looked up and me with those gorgeous sparkling blue eyes. He was a really good looking guy, but like I said earlier we are just really good friends. His face lit up into a smile as he walked towards me meeting me halfway down the hall.



      "Hey Lace, you did amazing out there!" He said pulling me into a hug.  I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed.


      "Thanks, you say that every time."


       "Well every time you do great!" I laugh and pull him out the exit for our after-show paparazzi craze. Which is go out back, act as if we don't see anyone cameras, talk, kiss, hug, and walk to our car, and we go to our hotel.


        Kendall pushed open the door and we walked out into the black of the night. It was around 11:30 and since it was early February, it was freezing even with Kendall's hoodie on me. The door closed and Kendall leaned up against the wall and pulled me close to him, "You're shaking." He said in a soft whisper. 


      I shook my head but he started to run his hands up and down my arms to warm me. I looked up and smiled at him, I saw a faint light flash and knew that there was a lot of paparazzi. Since the last concert Kendall couldn't make it they had a lot of pictures to catch up on.


     He wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned into me kissing me. My eyes fluttered closed and I moved my arms from his grasp to around his neck. While I did the he moved his hands, one on my side and the other on the small of my back.


    I could feel him smile into the kiss which made me smile. Even though we weren't really dating it wasn't that awkward to kiss him. He pulled his face away and continued to smile at me, "You're so beautiful." He moved his hand from my side and ran his thumb across my cheek. Of course as he did that they turned a bright pink, from both the cold and his compliment.


     I shook my head and hugged him, resting my head on his shoulder. He put his hand on the back of my hair and kissed the top of my head. I buried my face into his shirt collar, which earned a chuckle from him.


      "You smell good." I tell him with a giggle.


       "Well, you bought me this cologne, so I would hope you liked it." I playfully hit it should and looked up at him.


      "Sometimes...." I say, barley audible.


       "Sometimes what?" He asks with a smirk present on his face.


        "Sometimes I wish you would shut up."


         "You're wish is my command." He said in a teasing tone. He pressed his lips against mine. He held me close to him, this time I could HEAR the snapping of pictures. He acted as is he didn't and continued to kiss me, our lips moving in perfect rhythm.


          I slide my hands from his neck towards his collar bone, and he drew imaginary circle into my back. This time the snapping of pictures was louder. I guess we couldn't pretend we couldn't hear them any longer since it sounded like a heard of elephants were headed down the back street. 


         Kendall being the oh-so protective guy, his head snapped up and looked around. I turned and saw another flash go off. I turned back around as if I didn't want them to take my picture, and Kendall protectively put his arm around me.


        "C'mon, let's get outta here." He said, quietly but loud enough for the photographers to hear.


        I continued to pretend to keep my face hidden, but I made sure a few pictures could be taken where would could see my face, which held a scared/ surprised expression.


         Kendall's silver car was parked just a few feet away from the back street, perfect distance. He opened the passenger door for me and I got in. He closed it and hurried to get in the drivers side. I saw a bunch of people running towards the car. Kendall got in just as they were nearing the car. He put the key in the ignition and the car roared to life. I raised right my hand to 'shield' my face as Kendall grabbed my left hand his his own.


       A few pictures were taken as we speed away down the street towards the Hilton just a few miles away. "Do you think they got enough?" I ask him. By enough I mean enough pictures, footage, whatever to make the front page, or on E news. I could settle for a tiny picture of the front page,I obviously wouldn't want a full blown picture of Kendall and I kissing covering the front of a magazine. But one of the tiny thumbnails would be great.


      "Yeah. I'm sure they did." He said as he drew relaxing circles into my hand. I had to keep up this image, I didn't want to fall from the people's eye. But it was hard to stay in it, always having to do thing I wouldn't normally do. Saying things, wearing things, that aren't me. 


        "Okey.." I say with a sigh.


         "Hey, don't worry. People love you, almost as much as I do." Of course he meant that as a friend. I smiled at him, I hoped that people did...




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