Falling From Fame

You may know me, well actually if you don't know who I am you must be living under a rock. I'm Lacey Edwards, yes the famous pop star. Pretty much everyone thinks my life is great, I mean being 13 years old and as famous as I am is something not many people have done. But most people don't know about my mother, Donna Edwards. She works for Congress and she is hardly ever home. Always out in Washington D.C., my father died when I was 10, NO ONE knows that, it's just my mom and I. But really it's just me and my fake boyfriend Kendall. I don't particularly like being famous, you never have ANY privacy and it's boring. You must be thinking, 'wow traveling the world and singing in front of millions is boring?' But you would know what I mean if you were in my position...


1. Chapter 1




       "Lacey you are on in five!" Someone yelled from outside my dressing room. I was in London doing a concert at the O2 arena. This is a really big deal, next month I'm doing a concert at Madison Square Garden I finally realize my fame was really escalating now. I applied a coat of shear pink lip stick and one more quick swipe of mascara, which really makes my green eyes pop. I fluffed my brown hair and got out of my chair and headed towards the door. 


        I don't let the make-up artists do my make-up that often. They always seem to go a little over board with it, I mean really I'm 13 I don't need 5 pounds of make-up on my face! But I let them do my hair a lot because I can never control my crazy curly hair. 


         I walked down the hall towards the stage, a person handed me a mic and someone else came over to check my make-up. People were rushing everywhere around me but I was used to it. A group of people grabbed my arms and lead me under the stage to a platform which would raise me up onto the stage. I heard music start playing above me, my band had started my most famous song, My Life As I Know It. The music was loud, some guy behind be was counting down. At 'one' the platform shot up and I was engulfed by blinding lights. 


        I put on a dazzling smile as I looked out at the crowd. In a few seconds I would have to start singing. So I raised the mic up and began my song,


"Your smile, it my brightens up my day.

Your laugh, can turn my mood in a complete 180.

Your eyes, they shine so bright when you, you look at me.

You are truly the one, and we both knew it from the start.


I won't be sitting here, lonely ever again.

I will always have you.

Whether the situation be good or bad, you will always have my back.

We are two, two people. But it seems, like we are one, one whole.

Your heart was broken, so was mine.

We put the pieces together, now we are forever.

You are always telling me, I'm too good for you.

Yeah right, how did I end up with somebody like you?"


              I wrote this song last year, honestly I didn't write it for anyone special or anything like that. But most people think that I wrote it for my current 'boyfriend'  Kendall Jay.  


               I started dancing around the stage, belting out the words that rolled naturally  off my lips. I started jumping in the air, 


"This is my life, as I know it.

These are my feelings, and this is how I show it.

This is my heart, beating for you.

This is my song, just for you.

This is the melody, for you and me.


You will always have me, I will make sure of that.

I will never go anywhere.

You just call my name, and I will come running, running back for you.

I never really knew what love was like, but I finally felt for the first time looking at you.

People have different ways, to express themselves.

This is how I show who I am.

Through theses words that I sing.

You can see the real me"



             I was twirling around and just being crazy. I was having fun yes, but this was all planned. Every move I do, it looks like its a spur of the moment thing. But it's not, every step, planned, every note, planned, every breath, planned. The side of the stage I walk over to see the fans, it's all planned.


            I walk to the left part of the stage and grab a fan's hand. I start running back and forth grabbing the hands of several people. I run back up the stage and continue my song which I know is almost over. I belt out the final note with a huge smile on my face. "Helloo London!" I cry into the mic. People start shouting and screaming louder. "It's nice to see all you guys out here tonight!"  More screaming. "Now, I don't know if you all have heard my new single, We Are Who We Are. So I'm gonna sing it for you!" They crowd was ecstatic. 


       I smiled and began the next song out at the audience and began the next song,

"Momma, Momma, Momma

made me the way I am.

My face, my eyes,

someone turn me up I'm speaking my mind.

And I, and I , I've been wasting a lot of time.

Looking in mirrors and hating on me

but now I like what I see."


     I get lost in the lyrics. I have written all my songs, but hardly any truly have anything to do with me.  I continue dancing around the stage, doing what I have been for the past year. I sway my hips to the beat of the music, smiling as I sing. The roaring of the fans is piecing my ear drums. This is what I am used to, this is what I was born to do. Or so I thought......

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