Falling From Fame

You may know me, well actually if you don't know who I am you must be living under a rock. I'm Lacey Edwards, yes the famous pop star. Pretty much everyone thinks my life is great, I mean being 13 years old and as famous as I am is something not many people have done. But most people don't know about my mother, Donna Edwards. She works for Congress and she is hardly ever home. Always out in Washington D.C., my father died when I was 10, NO ONE knows that, it's just my mom and I. But really it's just me and my fake boyfriend Kendall. I don't particularly like being famous, you never have ANY privacy and it's boring. You must be thinking, 'wow traveling the world and singing in front of millions is boring?' But you would know what I mean if you were in my position...



Okay, so I wasn't getting any fed back on this story at all. No one was concerned that I wasn't updating. So I have stopped this story and will probably delete it. I might keep it up but I'm going to start a new story and concentrate on that one. I really have lost all interest in every book I have started. I want to start fresh.. I might make a new account, I doubt it. I will probably never revisit my old stories even though they are not finished. Im sorry if you liked them but I feel like they were  all going no where. If you want to be a co author and really have the book as your own comment and I will let you be a co author. So I hope to have a new story up soon, thanks for the support!!

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