I miss the old days......

Hi I'm Audrey.. I live in Mulligar, Ireland, my best friend WAS Niall Horan. Until he went on became famous. No one believes me but he was my best friend but he went to do what he loves, singing. No my best friend is Emily.


3. Yikes

Aubrey's POV~

"No, no I, uh , I don't know anyone named Aubrey, I just know you from 1D." I say quickly "Oh," he says sadly, " I uh, I just thought you were someone I knew." He finishes. I nod and say, "I have to go bye." I run to the checkout and go to the hotel asap. 

Niall's POV~

"She looked just like Aubrey!" I say to Liam. "Who is Aubrey?" He says

N: The girl that I moved away for 1D.

L: Oh, mabye it was her, you never know.

N: Why would she lie

L: I don't know.

N: I miss Aubrey so much, she is so mad at me though

Aubrey's POV~

*Concert Night*

I look in the mirror and put on my, nude lipstick. I look at my denim romper and my curly hair. I look great. I look at Emily, pink skinny jeans and a black blouse. Cute! We had front row tickets so we need to look nice. Lets just say my family is kinda rich. 

*Concert About to Start*

I hear the music to Up All Night. Everyone in the crowd cheers. The boys run and jump out. Of course Niall jumps right in front of me and looks down. His emotion completly changes into shock. He stares down at me and goes over to Paul and says something. Paul walks over to us. "Lady's, Niall has requested you two to go backstage and meet the boys." He says. He leads us backstage and we wait for the concert to be over we watch through the curtian at the boys singing. Emily looks alot more exited than me. She is in love with Zayn. The boys come backstage after the concert. "Hello, Aubrey." Niall says. "Hi." I say. Next thing I know I'm wrapped in a hug with Niall.

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