I miss the old days......

Hi I'm Audrey.. I live in Mulligar, Ireland, my best friend WAS Niall Horan. Until he went on became famous. No one believes me but he was my best friend but he went to do what he loves, singing. No my best friend is Emily.


1. When it all happened

Audrey's POV~


*Three Years Ago*

Me and my best friend Niall were sitting on the couch watching TV at his house. He turns the TV off randomly. "What the heck Niall you know I love that show." I say annoyed. "We need to talk."

A: Talk

N: Sorry

A: Sorry for what?

N: I did not tell you sooner.

A: Niall, about what.

N: I- I'm moving.

A tear trickles down my face

A: Niall if your joking I'm going to be so mad at you.

N: I'm not joking though.

A: I-I-I have to go

N: Don't! I'm leaving tomorrow I want to spend more time with you before I go!

A: My mom wants me home by 6 anyways.


N: Bye Audrey.

*FlashBack Over*

Why was I so STUPID. I could have spent more time with him. But no! I was so stupid. I still have his number in my phone. He gave up on texting me 2 years ago. I would never text him back because I was mad. I was wearing his old Luck Of The Irish shirt he gave me about 5 years ago. I think it still smells like him though. Anyways, me and my friend Emily are huge directioners anyways. We are going to a concert in Dublin tomorrow. I should call Niall, but what if he does not remember me or if he is mad. I don't think I want to though. I'm kinda scared. I call Emily and tell her to come over because we are leaving tonight to go to Dublin and we need to get ready.

*During Car Ride to Dublin*

"Audrey, you really should call Niall." Emily said. "I don't know...." I say.

E: C'mon Audrey!

A: NO!

E: I'm going to keep asking till you say yes.

A: Well your going to be asking till we get to Dublin I guess.

E: Ugh, your so stubborn.

I giggle, she always tells me I'm stubborn. I tun up the radio. One Direction Kiss You. And It's on Niall's solo. " That's a sign to call him!!!" Emily says. I shake my head and smile.

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