I miss the old days......

Hi I'm Audrey.. I live in Mulligar, Ireland, my best friend WAS Niall Horan. Until he went on became famous. No one believes me but he was my best friend but he went to do what he loves, singing. No my best friend is Emily.


4. Niall and Cousins

Aubrey's POV~

"Niall, I'm sorry." I say "It's Okay!" Niall says.

A: I'm so sorry, really, I'm so stubborn and I should have called!

N: Stop beating yourself up love, It's okay. So, when I saw you I remembered all the good times we had and, this is kinda crazy, but would you like to go on tour with us?

A: Sorry but I have to visit my cousin Clarice she is here but in like the 10th row. She is madly in love with Harry.

Harry looked up and smirked.

N: She can come too! 

Liam butted in, "Just say yes love."

A: Fine I will go, just let my call Clarice back here.

N: Okay i will go tell security she is coming.

Niall walks up and I look at Emily she is  talking to Zayn about lord knows what. Then Clarice walks in. 'CLARICE!!!!" I scream. "Aubrey!!!!" she says. We hug and she looks over at Harry. They lock eyes. 

Harry's POV~

"Hello love, what's your name?" I ask the the beautiful girl who just walked in. "Cl-Cl-Clarice." she studderes. I chucked.

H: That's a lovely name

C: Thanks.

H: Would you like a tour of the concert?

C: Duh!

"Wait!!!" Aubrey says loudly. "What??!!" Clarice says

A: We get to go on tour with the boys!

C: Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!!!

A: Yeah!

"C'mon love" I say then grab her hand and walk her around the arena.

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