I miss the old days......

Hi I'm Audrey.. I live in Mulligar, Ireland, my best friend WAS Niall Horan. Until he went on became famous. No one believes me but he was my best friend but he went to do what he loves, singing. No my best friend is Emily.


5. Love's in air

Clarice's POV~

While were in the dressing rooms Harry turns to face me and grabs my other hand. "Your quit beautiful." Harry says flirting. I blush and say,"Thank you!" 

H: Would you like to go out with me sometime?

C: Of course.

H: Then it's a date. Just one thing, I'm sure you've heard the talk that I am "girl crazy" and things like that, but It's not true, I promise.

C: I believe you.

We smile at each other and continue walking around.

Aubreys POV~

Niall smiles at me, "Why did it take you so long to find me?" Niall asks. I shrug. He looks at me.

N: I missed you so much.

A: I missed you too.

N: I'm so exited for you to come on tour with us. You will have an amazing time.

A: I'm sure I will.

N: I wish we would not have lost those years.

A: Me too.

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