I miss the old days......

Hi I'm Audrey.. I live in Mulligar, Ireland, my best friend WAS Niall Horan. Until he went on became famous. No one believes me but he was my best friend but he went to do what he loves, singing. No my best friend is Emily.


2. Hotel in Dublin

Audrey's POV~

"Wowwww!" I say spinning around the big hotel room. "This is amazing!" Emily say. I walk into  my room. I unpack all my clothes and makeup and everything. We are staying in Dublin for 3 weeks for a vacation so i had plenty of stuff to unpack. I go into the kitchen and turn down the AC. I walk into my room and turn on Family Guy.. That only reminded my of the day Niall told me he was leaving. I miss the old days with Niall. Emily came in and sat in the chair beside my bed. "Whatcha Doin'?" She asks. I point at the TV. "Nice" she says and walks to her room. "I'M GOING TO THE STORE!" I scream "OK!" she screams back. I giggle and walk to the store.

*At store*

I walk through the freezer isle and see two familar faces. One with brown hair and one with blonde. Then I relise who it is. Niall and Liam. Liam looks at my and smiles. I don't want to see rude so I smile back. I walk quickly down the isle and put on my sunglasses I bump into Niall and my glasses fall off.  I quickly walk away without picking up my glasses. Niall followes behind me saying I have your glasses. I stop and look at him i grabb my glasses. "Do I know you" He says. I nod slowly. "Aubrey?" He says.


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