The Power Of Love - One Shot

This is my story for the danish competition "Movellas english class". Alicia Brown is a rich kid, and at her 18th birthday party, a guy in the staff tries to get her attention. When he messes up and brings her to a journey she hadn't asked for, they get lost. They both find new sides to themselves and looses some of their prejudices. Love finds its way between the rich girl and the poor guy. who would have thought that? NOT them, thats for sure!


2. The Power Of Love - One Shot

Hi. My name is Alicia Brown and I want to tell you about how a poor guy found his way into my heart. It wasn't an easy journey for him. Not for me either. I guess its a fun story, and I guess I will look back at it when i'm old and laugh. I just can't do that right now.


Im sitting on the curbs, next to him and thinking about how I got here. How everything went so wrong, but so right.




I walked through the many people, and everybody greeted me. I felt fabulous in my dark blue outfit and my red stilettos. My blond hair was straight and long. Just like it was supposed to!


“Happy birthday sweety” My mom said, giving me a big hug. She had set up this big birthday party, for me, with 200 guest in our garden. We are obviously a rich family. My dad owns one of the biggest oil companies in the world.


It was like a princess birthday, with the big river at the end of the garden. It was only noon. The party would end tonight and I would open my presents tonight too. I was so exited cause I turned 18 and I wished for a car! A new one of course.


“Hello. You must be alicia! Uhm.. Happy Birthday” A guy from the staff said nervously. I looked at him. He was wearing a shirt with stripes on it and jeans. “who are you?” I said looking at him in disgust. He looked really uncomfortable at the situation. He wasted my time. “My name is Michael Hudson. Im serving the drinks” he said. Like I cared..


“Well, good for you Michael Hudson” I said and turned around. I went down to the river to enjoy the view. It was a perfect day so far, I thought.


I saw the guest moved into the house. It was probably time to give them a room tour. The only thing my parents loved more than being rich, is showing how rich they are. They are a bit snobby, but i'm used to that!


As I was enjoying the view, I saw a boat right in front of me. It was new I thought. We had so many boats. “Hey” someone said. I turned around and saw that Michael guy walking towards me. Then he stumbled upon a large stick and fell into me, causing me and him, to fall into the boat.


“What do think you're doing?” I asked him very upset. He tried to get up. “Im sorry! I, I,” He then stumbled into the engine, causing the boat to start. The boat started to sail down the river. “Do something!” I screamed at him. “Im trying” he said, trying to make it stop.


“I can't get it to stop!” he said, struggling with the engine. “OMG, seriously, make it stop!” I screamed, making him lose his concentration. I looked around and saw the river started to go down hill. I started to scream and he turned around and saw it. He pulled me down and held on to me until we were going steady again.


I got up and looked around. I have never been here before. I looked at him and he had made the engine stop. Now we were just floating peacefully down the river in beautiful surroundings.


“Who do you think you are, ruining the best day of my life? Do you know how many money my parents spend on this birthday? How many money they spend on stupid staff, who kidnaps there daughter?” I yelled, with tears in my eyes.


“Kidnapped? You don't seriously think that I kidnapped you, right?” he said with disbelief in his face. “Uhm, duh.. I saw how you looked at me. You want me, but you are not good enough to get me, thats why you kidnapped me! Isn't that obvious?” I said looking at him, like he was an idiot.


“I was hired to go check on you, so that you didn't need anything. I don't want you. Not at all! You're a snobby brat, who gets everything she wants! You're just a dumb blonde!” He said angrily and sat down in the boat.


“uh! Omg, did you just say what I think you said? I do not get everything I want! I don't wanna be stuck on a boat with you, thats for sure! And i'm NOT stupid!” I told him very angry! Who was he to call me dumb and spoiled!


I started crying and sat down in the boat. He looked at me but turned around again. I couldn't help the tears, I was so sad! He then turned around again, with guilt in his eyes. He came over to me and put his arm around me saying how sorry he was. I got away from him, placing myself in the other end of the small boat.


“Look, i'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, you have feelings too!” he said. I didn't turn around, but I stopped my crying. “You know what, let me help you get home.” he said grabbing my arm. I pulled away. “I heard you are gonna get your presents tonight?” He said. I turned around to look at him. “You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?” he said smiling at me. “no” I replied.


“So if I can make it up to you, by bringing you home, you have to work with me!” he said, reaching out his hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up. “Thats better” he said. “Now, first we have to get to the shore.”


He took a stick, which had fallen into the boat and put it dow the water, making it reach the bottom. He then slowly dragged us to shore. He got up and reached for my hand, helping me to get up. “What about the boat?” he asked, trying to hold on to it. “Don't worry about that, dad will buy a new one” I replied. He unwillingly let go of the boat and looked me into the eyes.


“Alicia Brown. You have too much money” he said. “No I haven't? I have enough money. There's a difference!” I replied starting to walk away. There was an incredible nature out here, with some hills and a lot of trees. NOT designed for heels. I was almost falling all the time and I got some mud on them. Michael was just laughing at me.


“You think its funny?” I asked him madly. He laughed. “uhm.. no! Of course not!” He said, still laughing at me. “Well, if you think its so funny, maybe you should carry me, until we get to a place I can walk!” I said with a serious tone.


“Are you kidding me?” he said looking at me. I didn't reply him, I just kept looking at him, with my serious face. He started to giggle. “Well, Alicia, you are one of a kind” He said and walked over to me. “I know, god didn't make two of me! It would be impossible to make something as pretty as me!” I said. “It wasn't even a complime.. Doesn't matter!” he said and picked me up.


As we walked through the hills I noticed how beautiful his eyes were. They were dark brown, just like I wanted them to be! He was actually really pretty when you looked closely at him. I think its because he dresses boring and has a boring haircut.


We arrived at a circus and he put me down. He looked at it, with wide eyes. “Can we please go?! I love circuses and wanna try the rides! Please!!” He begged. “But what about my birthday?” I said. His face turned sad. “You are right.” He said. I saw how bad he wanted to go to the circus. I suddenly felt like making him happy. Its not very often I put others needs before mine..


“Lets go to the circus!” I said and his face lighted up. He grabbed my waist and lifted me up in a hug, swinging me around. He then put my down with a scared look. “Im sorry” he said. “Dont be” I said smiling. I liked this guy. He was funny, cute, but still annoying. We could be friends!


We went into the circus and a clown came up to us. He made a fool of himself, making us laugh. We then got a picture with him and we moved on. Michael wanted to try every single ride, we passed. From the scariest to the slowest. We had a lot of fun though.. I bought some cotton candy, that we shared.


I then saw booth were you had to throw some balls at some cups and you could win prices. I told him I wanted to win a stuffed animal, but he just laughed at me. “You? Do you really think that you can throw a ball? I mean, judging on your walking in the woods, and handling a boat skills, I would say, you may have some difficulties!” he said. “I can throw a ball! Actually, I think I will be really good at it!” I told him.


I bought a round, consisting of three throws. If I knocked all the cups down I got to pick a stuffed animal. There were ten cups. The man in the booth handed me the balls and I was ready to make Michael eat his words!


I threw my first ball and it hit the wall. I could hear how started to giggle in the background. I had to get this one! I threw the next ball and it hit the man, right in the head. I was shocked at my own actions. “im so sorry!” I said, while making my puppy dog face. “Its alright missy” he said. I got ready to throw my last ball. When I threw it, it just landed on one of the stuffed animals in the background.


“I'm sorry missy, no stuffed animals for you” the man said. Michael was laughing his ass off! I turned around and pushed him in the chest and he started to laugh even harder.


“You are the girliest girl I have ever met!” He said. “Well, I want you to remember that i'm filthy rich and you work for my dad” I told him smirking.


“Touché” he said and paid the man for a round. He was gonna try to win a stuffed animal. The man handed him the three balls, but he gave back two of them. Wow. He really had high expectations about himself. He looked at me, with those eyes and smirked. He then threw the ball and knocked down all the cups. He turned around and walked over to me, and pinched my cheek.


“Do you want a stuffed animal?” he asked. My face turned happy and I gave him a hug. He hugged me really tight and for the first time, my stomach filled with butterflies. He let go and I looked into his eyes. I got my stuffed animal. We thanked the man and walked away.


I looked at my watch and saw it was 4:00 PM. “OMG, we have to get back” I shouted. He looked at the clock and got stressed. We tried to find the river again, but with no luck. We followed some paths and some different roads, but I couldn't recognize anything! “What if we're just getting further away from the house? Omg, what if I never get home and open my presents!” I started to cry. He hugged me, trying to comfort me. It was so nice. I looked at him, deeply in the eyes and he very slowly started to lean in for a kiss. The moment caught me, so I leaned in as well, and kissed him. It was a very passionate kiss and the butterflies in my stomach, went crazy.


After the kiss I slowly pulled away and looked into his eyes. I saw he was breathless. It came as a shock for both of us. I leaned my head on his chest and relaxed. “what do we do?” I asked him. “We keep going” He said.


As we kept on going, we tried to ask some people if they knew the way. Michael found a map on a wall, while I was standing and looking at myself in reflective window. I looked like a mess. With my lack of attention I suddenly felt something in my bag. I turned around and saw a guy, dressed in black, run away with my wallet. I screamed, but Michael reacted to late. My wallet was gone.


I sat down at the curbs with an empty look on my face. He came over and sat down next to me. “i'm sorry” he said, putting his arm around me. “I don't even know what to do anymore.” I said looking at the view. “well, you should probably report your card stolen.” he said. “you're right” I said, looking for my phone.


Michael went to do something and I went down to the the water, which were right next to the curbs. As I found my phone, the stuffed animal, Michael got me, slipped out of my hands and down in the water. I couldn't reach it, so it just floated away. I got so angry that I kicked a rock and it fell down in the water. The rock just decided to take my, now, empty designer bag, to $2000 with it, down the water.


So.. I lost my wallet, my teddy and my designer purse, I was away from home and Michael was nowhere to be found. This day could not get worse. Only if it started to rain, but that only happened in movies. I sat down at the curbs again. At least I still had my phone. I reported my card stolen and continued to look at the water.


I could see how my purse and my animal, peacefully floated away. I couldn't even cry, I was just sad. Meeting Michael is the worst thing that has happened to me. Its also the best thing though, and I guess thats why I am emotionless.


“To make a sad day happy, get something that makes you happy” I heard from behind. I turned around and saw Michael walking towards me, with a bucket of pink balloons. He sat down next to me and looked me in the eyes.


“happy birthday beautiful. Im sorry everything went so wrong. Im sorry that you have had such a bad day. Im sorry its evening and you aren't home. Im sorry that I don't have a lot of money, and your birthday gift from me, is ten pink balloons. But you know what? I have had the best day in my life. I have met the most annoying, stubborn, spoiled, selfish, bratty girl in the world. But I've seen that she has a good side. I've seen that she is generous and that she has emotions. I have fallen for her heart. I know you have too. I have promised myself not to even talk to girls like you. Girls who think they own the world. Girls who think they can get any guy they want. But Alicia you're too good for that! I know cause I saw. You have a beautiful soul and I think thats better than the purse floating away on the sea. I only noticed now.. Im sorry” he said, holding my hands.


“You know, I was actually more sad when my teddy, you gave me, floated away, than when my purse or my wallet got stolen. Your balloons are the most perfect gift, I have ever received. I don't care about your money. Just like you I have always sworn that I would never date a guy like you. A guy without money, boring close and a boring haircut, who works for my father. But I have realized something as well. It doesn't matter how you look or how rich you are. It only matters how good your heart is. And you, Michael, got a big heart! Your beautiful inside and that has made me see the beauty on your outside too. And just for the record.. I have had fun birthday. Thank you for that.” I said, still holding his hands. He leaned in and gave me a long passionate kiss. He was perfect.


So, here I was, sitting on the curbs, with the love of my life. Everything can go so wrong, and not how you wanted it to be, but so right too. We both opened our hearts to new experiences and diversity. Look where that had got me. Im happy, but sad. Sad, that I have ever been so selfish and materialistic.


But you can't fly unless you let yourself fall, right?

Thats what I have experienced   

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