Harry Styles, My Bully

Bullied by Harry Styles? Yes. Hate every moment of it? Yes. Excited when he leaves for the XFactor? Yes. Excited when you meet him again? No. My name is Bridget. I love my life OUTSIDE of school. But inside, a nightmare. Harry Styles is popular, just because he is in a band called White Eskimo. Well Harry doesn't like me. He bullies me. Treats me like crap. I don't care about him, he doesn't care about me. And that's final. I hope. Harry leaves everyone, including the White Eskimo crew, to go to the X Factor. I am soooooo excited about that! He leaves for the rest of the school year. I later graduate from college, and still haven't heard from him. Looks like his dream hasn't worked out for him. Sucks for him. I love what I do though. I write songs for famous artists, I have my own fashion line called: FashionGeek! I'm a dancer and a singer. Well I get this new project. Writing songs, and designing clothes for a band called One Direction. I have no idea who that is, but I'm excited!!!!


32. Author's Note

Hey guys! This is, sadly, the end of Harry Styles, My Bully. But don't worry. There will be a sequel! The sequel will be called Harry Styles, My Love. It won't be out for a while though. :( I know, I know, I am very evil. I just have so many movellas to work on. This is my plan:




Harry Styles, My Bully

My Love Louis

Don't Take This the Wrong Way






The Climb




Don't Let Me Go

The Only Excpetion

My One and Only (Sequel to Don't Take This the Wrong Way)


More Future:


Lights (Sequel to Shadows)

The Top (Sequel to The Climb)



Then of course I have more, I just wanted to show you guys when i will be writing it. I know it seems like a long time, but it isn't. I am a fast writer. Most of these movellas will only have like 30-40 chapters in them. Well guys, thank you for all the support. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Love you all!

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