Harry Styles, My Bully

Bullied by Harry Styles? Yes. Hate every moment of it? Yes. Excited when he leaves for the XFactor? Yes. Excited when you meet him again? No. My name is Bridget. I love my life OUTSIDE of school. But inside, a nightmare. Harry Styles is popular, just because he is in a band called White Eskimo. Well Harry doesn't like me. He bullies me. Treats me like crap. I don't care about him, he doesn't care about me. And that's final. I hope. Harry leaves everyone, including the White Eskimo crew, to go to the X Factor. I am soooooo excited about that! He leaves for the rest of the school year. I later graduate from college, and still haven't heard from him. Looks like his dream hasn't worked out for him. Sucks for him. I love what I do though. I write songs for famous artists, I have my own fashion line called: FashionGeek! I'm a dancer and a singer. Well I get this new project. Writing songs, and designing clothes for a band called One Direction. I have no idea who that is, but I'm excited!!!!


4. 4








                                                                                                                     ~Five Years Later~





I sit there waiting for my boss, who is also my uncle,  to give me my new project. I am so excited for this. I look at his desk. I see a picture frame. A picture of a girl with a boy. I recognize it from somewhere. Wait. That is me and Harry from when we were friends in middle school. I wonder what happened to Harry. I wonder where he is. If he is even alive.It doesn't matter. After the way he treated me, I never want to cross him again. My uncle walked in and smiled at me.

"I'm sorry I'm late Bridget. I was at a meeting,"

"That's fine Uncle Will,"

"So. New project. Excited?"


"Okay. Bridget your new project. You have to design clothes for a band and write their songs," I looked at him eyes wide. I started jumping up and down screaming.

"Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!" I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug.

"No problem. I heard you talking the other day about how you've been wanting to design for a famous artist. So I thought about it and decided that you have talent to do both design and write,"

"I won't let you down. When do I start?"

"You have until tomorrow to get everything packed. We have your plane ticket booked. You will meet me here tomorrow morning at nine thirty and I will go with you to America, which is where the band currently is, and I will fly back,"

"Great! Okay so what is the band called?"

"One Direction,"

"I've never heard of them before,"

"They aren't popular that much here in the UK. More in the US. But they do have British accents. One has an Irish one,"


"Okay. You have the rest of the day off to pack. I will see you tomorrow Bridget,"

"See you tomorrow. nine thirty,"

"Nine thirty," I left and headed home. One Direction. This should be exciting. 

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