Harry Styles, My Bully

Bullied by Harry Styles? Yes. Hate every moment of it? Yes. Excited when he leaves for the XFactor? Yes. Excited when you meet him again? No. My name is Bridget. I love my life OUTSIDE of school. But inside, a nightmare. Harry Styles is popular, just because he is in a band called White Eskimo. Well Harry doesn't like me. He bullies me. Treats me like crap. I don't care about him, he doesn't care about me. And that's final. I hope. Harry leaves everyone, including the White Eskimo crew, to go to the X Factor. I am soooooo excited about that! He leaves for the rest of the school year. I later graduate from college, and still haven't heard from him. Looks like his dream hasn't worked out for him. Sucks for him. I love what I do though. I write songs for famous artists, I have my own fashion line called: FashionGeek! I'm a dancer and a singer. Well I get this new project. Writing songs, and designing clothes for a band called One Direction. I have no idea who that is, but I'm excited!!!!


10. 10

Bridget's P.O.V.


I ended up falling asleep over with the boys. We were all on the couch,well except for Harry. He just stayed in his room. I woke up next to Louis. I think Louis and I got along well. We are both loud, funny, and can do stupid things.

I sit up and I look and around. I see Zayn awake and on his phone. I decide to do a sneak attack. I slowly move my way around the couch. He was on the floor and I am right behind him. I jump on him and scream. He screams and then we both start laughing. I'm sitting next to him and I look into his eyes. He slowly starts to lean in. His index finger pulls my chin, as he brushes his lips against mine. I smile at him, but he grabs my face and kisses me. The kiss starts to deepen. He pushes his tongue into my mouth. We hear someone clear their throat. We pull away to see Harry standing in the doorway. I look at him. Harry just shakes his head and walks towards his room. I get up and chase after him. I knock on his door.

"Harry! Harry open up! Harry!" I say. He opens the door, and pulls me into his room. "Harry, are you okay? You just looked upset when you saw me and Zayn together, and-" he cuts me off by crashing his lips onto mine.

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