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millie greens lie is pue hell. she bullied by harry styles. it gets so bad that she decides to move to australia and live with her dad. 2 years later she back and ready for college. the thing is shes changed.and so has he. harry styles is now in the worldwide famous band one direction and has realised the error of his ways. millies now the talk of the school. shes gorgeous and harry wants her. but can she forgive him after what he put her through...


8. chapter 8

millies p.o.v


harry drove me back to his. there was no point going back to school. we only had an hour or 2 left anyway. we sat down and played fifa for a bit. i got a bit to excited and hit my foot. i wnced in pain and harry saw. he put a cushion under my foot and turned to me.

"this is my fault" he said. i laughed

"no its not harry. why would yu think that.

"seriously. another harry. im starting to like it. and anyway shes my ex. i should have warned her not to go near you."

"its fine. seriously harry its fine. anyway i think harry suits you better. i called you styles cuz you were a doosh and your not now so. i guess your harry again." he laughed. he leaned in and kissed me. he broke away and went into the kitchen. then he came out with a sharpie. he bent down and wrote "harry styles is the sexiest beast in the world." on it. i laughed

"you are such a child"

"the boys will be back in a sec and want to sign it so i should be allowed first." i laughed. as if right on cue all 4 boys walked through the door

"hey hazza" niall began "how was your ...... OH MY GOD ! MILLIES GOT A CAST I WANT TO SIGN IT FIRST!"  i laughed


"no me"

"im her favourite"

"well i saw it first"

"no i did" niall louis liam and zayn bickered

"actually guys i signed it first so ha. i knew you would be like this so i won." the boys all looked upset

"dibs on second" niall yelled and ran into a kitchen with a smile on his face. louis liam and zayn followed him. just then i heard a chorus of "oh"s i was confused. harry opened his hand to show me a collection of sharpies. i laughed. the boys walked into the room.

"HARRYS GOT THEM!" i yelled "GET HIM!" the boys all ran after harry and one by one managed to get a sharpie off him. niall got one first and his name was second largest besides harrys.  he wrote

'i stole nialls nandos. this is what happens ! haha joking love ya, nialler xx' i laughed.

"thats gotta be my favourite." then louis came over he wrote 'louis tomlinson is the master of sass. i bow down to him!' i laughed again

"you wish" then came liam. 'i love you cuz you brought me toy story love your best friend liam.'

"hey." niall called "im her best friend" then zayn wrote 'zayn has the coolest hair ever. i wish mine was as stunning.' i laughed the hardest at this

"you wish zayn. red is so much cooler." i said

"oh  yh. boys whos hairs cooler. mine or millies?" he asked

"millies" niall liam louis and harry chorused.

"and boom" i said and zayn pretended to cry. "well ive gotta go loo" harry rushed to help me up the stairs. "forget it pretty boy. im fine alone" the rest of the boys laughed and harry went red "luv ya styles" he smiled. i went upstairs and into the toilet. on my way back i stood on the landing and lstened to their conversation.

"how did she do it then haz" louis asked

"fucking casie. her and megan dropped her out of extension in cheer. if it wasnt for gemma she could have been paralysed."

"oh have you told millie about the tour?" niall said. tour. what tour

"no. i mean we are going in 3 weeks and i dont know how shes gonna take it. we havent been together long so yanno. im gonna take her to dinner tonight and tell her." harry replied. i felt a little upset. he was going on tour soon and he hadnt told me. oh well i have to pretend to be surprised tonight. pretend to be happy for him millie. i walked downstairs with a smile on my face.

"do you wanna go to dinner tonight mills. all 6 of us?" harry said. i faked a massive smile.

"i would love to."

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