who do you think you are!

millie greens lie is pue hell. she bullied by harry styles. it gets so bad that she decides to move to australia and live with her dad. 2 years later she back and ready for college. the thing is shes changed.and so has he. harry styles is now in the worldwide famous band one direction and has realised the error of his ways. millies now the talk of the school. shes gorgeous and harry wants her. but can she forgive him after what he put her through...


7. chapter 7

millies p.o.v


when we got into school that day everyone stared at me again. clearly everyone had just realised who i was. we had assembly first period. our headteacher mr ladonflint spoke

"i would like to welcome back miss millie green who has returned to us from australia. where are you millie?" i put my hand up "stand up then" he said. i felt 200 pairs of eyes stare at me. "we hope you had a nice time in australia and welcome back. now if you would like to welcome to the stage 5 boys. 1 of whom who you all know very well. the others you know a bit. its one direction with a sneek preview of their new song over again." everyone cheered as harry, louis, liam and zayn appeared on stage. they started singing and the words somehow felt like they were written for me. niall was playing the guitar along. i had never seen them perform live and they were just as amazing as i thought they would be. afterward as i walked out of the hall i saw this girl stare at me evily. i recognised her from cheerleading which coincidently i was going to now. i think her name was katie or casie or something


***during cheer***

i was up in extension about to cradle down. the girl who stared at me was underneath me as side base. i was right her name was casie. she didnt seem to particulary like me and i have no idea why.  i saw her talking to the other side base but i couldnt hear what they were saying.i jumped in the air into cradle. the back support tried to catch me but neither of the sides did. i fell and landed akwardly on my left ankle. the pain was excruciating but i got up. i tried to put weight on it but it was too painful.

"are ou ok millie?" the coach asked me

"no i think my foots broken. ill go hop to the medical room" i said and started hopping off. everyone laughed but with me not at me. although my foot hurt like hell i tried to ignore it and hoped to the medical room. as soon as i got there my mum was called to come pick me up to take me to a and e. she was furious wheni told her what happened.


harrys p.o.v


i waited outside the gym for millie to come out after cheer so we could go to lunch together. she didnt com out thoug.

"maisie" i called to one of the girls. she turned around to face me "wheres millie?" i asked

"oh" she said looking a bit bad "havent you heard. casie and megan purposely dropped her out of extension whilst doing a cradle. shes gone to a and e and she thinks she broken her foot." she said

"oh shit" i cried "that fucking bitch." i stormed up to casie

"what the fuck casie. why did you feel the need to try and kill her." i shouted

"because harold. shes with you when you should be mine. if i cant have you nobody should." she laughed

"im not yours casie. im going out with millie. theres nothing you can do to stop that.you are just a pathetic bitch.! i shouted and stormed off. i stormed out of school and got nto my car and drove to a and e. when i got there millie wasnt in sight. i sat down and waited. half an hour later she appeared with a pink cast on her foot. she walked or should i say hobbled up to me.

"so you heard." she said

"yeah" i replied "i have already had a go at casie. shes just a jealous bitch millie"

"whys she jealous?" she asked

"shes my ex. we broke up 6 months ago but she still obsessed with me." she just smiled.

"oh well shes not gonna be able to be jealous much longer. my mum just text me. shes spoke to the school. casie and megan are getting excluded becuase they purposely tried to hurt me. they are lucky your sister gemma caught my back or i could have been paralysed." i smiled. good old gemma.

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