who do you think you are!

millie greens lie is pue hell. she bullied by harry styles. it gets so bad that she decides to move to australia and live with her dad. 2 years later she back and ready for college. the thing is shes changed.and so has he. harry styles is now in the worldwide famous band one direction and has realised the error of his ways. millies now the talk of the school. shes gorgeous and harry wants her. but can she forgive him after what he put her through...


6. chapter 6

harrys p.o.v


i sat next to millie whilst we played truth or dare. first it was her turn.

"truth or dare millicent" louis said

"thats not my name. millie is short for millie anyway dare." she replied louis laughed

"oh i know its just millicent sounded cool in my head. and i dare you to go and switch clothes with harry." all the boys laughed apart from me. i didnt know what she was going to say.

"come on then big boy. come show me those abs." she joked and i relaxed. we went into the next room and switched clothes. soon millie was wearing a shirt, blazer and chinos along with my converses. she looked mega cute in them. i however looked like a giant prick wearing a pink tank top and a pair of denim shorts with sandals.

"aww hawwy looks like a prwetty lickle girly." louis said when i walked into the room. i hit him, so naturally he hit me back.

"millie, louis being mean to me and saying i look silly." i whined to millie. she laughed.

"well clearly you cant pull off my clothes as well as i can pull off yours" she said. all the boys nodded their heads in agreement.

"lets be honest hazza, your girlfriend is HOT" louis said and i laughed.

"yeah my girlfriend" i replid "mine, mine, mine and im not sharing!" the boys laughed again

"Selfish!" said zayn. then we carried on with the game. my turn.

"um truth" i said

"how did you and millie meet?" liam said

"i was playing in the garden when my mum told me that some people were coming round. i was 5 and just about to start in reception. we had new neighbours next door and mum invited them round for tea. they had a girl my age so i would have someone to play with. 10 minutes later my mum appeared at the back door with a nervous girl. she said this is millie why dont you show her some of your toys but shes a bit shy. i walked up to millie and took her hand and led her into the garden. we had a great time. after that we would go round one of eachothers houses eveerynight. well up until year 7." i said and they all awwed. millie blushed

"what happened in year 7 hazza?" zayn asked. i looked at millie she had stopped smiling.

"in year 7 i met this absolute bitch named jess. i went out with her. then jess and all her friends started bullying millie. i decided to become a doosh and join in. me and jess broke up after about a year and a half but i carried on bullying millie cuz it made me popular. then at the end of year 10 she moved to australia. mainly to get away from me. then she came back yesterday and shes chnged so much. i have too though. im not the thoughtless wankass i was 2 years ago. i changed because of x factor and you boys and im so sorry for what i did to you millie" the boys looked shocked but millie sat there smiling. i felt a bit confused and obviously my face showed it to.

"you called jess a bitch. i have been waiting 7 years for you to say that"  i laughed.the boys joined in. clearly i was forgiven.

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