who do you think you are!

millie greens lie is pue hell. she bullied by harry styles. it gets so bad that she decides to move to australia and live with her dad. 2 years later she back and ready for college. the thing is shes changed.and so has he. harry styles is now in the worldwide famous band one direction and has realised the error of his ways. millies now the talk of the school. shes gorgeous and harry wants her. but can she forgive him after what he put her through...


5. chapter 5

nialls p.o.v


i sat on the sofa looking up at the ceiling. i was in deep thought.

"nialler" liam yelled ruining my train of thought. the thoughts of sweet succulent nandos left my brain and evidnently entered my mouth.

"i want nandos" i heard myself say. i ont even mean to do it anymore. its just a kind of habit i suppose.

"not tonight" liam replied "harrys got his girlfriend round" i looked at him and sighed

"but i want nandos" i moaned. liam laughed

"if your a goodboy tonight and behave whilst harrys date it here then i will buy you nandos tomorrow night as a treat" he said. i laughe. he really was like a dad sometimes. just then the door opened. there stood harry and one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. i walked up to her

"hi im..." i started

"niall james horan, i know and i brought you a present!" she finished. she pulled out a takeaway nandos bag. harry looked a bit confused but he smiled

"i officially love your girlfriend hazza" i practically screamed and gave her a massive bear hug.

"hi im...." louis started

"louis william tomlinson, but you was going to say jennifer. thats liam james payne an then thats zayn jawaad malik." she said

"oh so a fan?" liam asked

"no a stalker" she replied .i must have looked a little shocked because she turned to me and said

"im joking by the way niall" i laughed again beforee going into the kitchen to eat my nandos


millies p.o.v


"so have i got a present" louis asked hopefully. i noded and pulled out a bag of carrots " oh my god! i love you so much!" he screamed in my ear.

"your welcome" i screamed back. he held his ear then grinned and pulled me in for another hug.

"shes amazing harold. she knows me so well. she evens knows about jennifer" i smiled then turned to liam. i pulled out a limited edition of toy story 1,2 and 3 with special features. h looked like he was going to cry.

"well i am officially your best friend" he laughed and pulled me in for a hug. then i turned to zayn and pulled out a mirror

"precious my preious" he said pretending to turn into golem. i laughed "thank you" he said and walked off to join the othrs in the kitchen.

"well you've won my friends over. how did you know though if one direction aren't that big in Australia?" harry asked

"well... i may have told a tinsy white lie. your massive in Australia. and even though you were a total doosh i was still madly in love with you like all teen girls are" i said an he smiled

"i cant believe it though. a girl as beautiful as you going out wih a guy like me. a girl whos only just had her seond ever kiss tonight an even then they were all by me. millie green what did i do to deserve you." he said. i smiled

"ill answer that later when there arent 4 pairs of ears eavsdropping." i said an he looked confused "come out boys i know your listening" i called and 4 guilty looking faces came out of the door. i turned to louis

"so louis... how about truth or dare?"  i saaid and he smiled.

"this girl is just too cool" he screamed making everyone laugh.

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