who do you think you are!

millie greens lie is pue hell. she bullied by harry styles. it gets so bad that she decides to move to australia and live with her dad. 2 years later she back and ready for college. the thing is shes changed.and so has he. harry styles is now in the worldwide famous band one direction and has realised the error of his ways. millies now the talk of the school. shes gorgeous and harry wants her. but can she forgive him after what he put her through...


3. chapter 3

millies p.o.v


i walked into school and everybody stared at me. then i heard them whisper. but for once it was nice. i heard things like "hottie alert" and "the new girls smoking hot" and also "wow shes pretty". i was walking down the corridor when i bumped into harry

"oh im um im um um..." he ssaid and i laughed

"not like you to be quiet styles" i said and he looked confused. i wondered why for a moment then i remembered. i didnt look like me. i didnt even sound like me. i just walked past him and into the headteachers office

"ahh miss green.  i see you have decided to return to us. did you have a nice time in australia?" he said

"yes thank you sir" he handed me my timetable and locker key and i walked out. as i did so i bumped into harry again

"im starting to think this is on purpose styles" i said

"look"he said " i dont know how you seem to know me so well. whether its cuz of one direction or not i have no clue. but your extremely beautiful and  wondered if you wanted to go on a date sometime." i laughed

"omg harold edward styles is asking me on a date. how about an answer of no" he looked shocked clearly not many girls ever turn him down.

"you dont recognise me do you styles?" i said and he shook his head "im millie, millie gren. remember me?" he looked shocked

"oh" was all he could manage

"thought so" i said and walked off. to maths


harrys p.o.v


i walked into maths. i couldnt believe it. millie was back and well, beautiful!

"class i would like you to welcome back millie green" mr jefferson said and the whole class gasped. they all rememebered her and like me were extremely shocked. then millie turned round to mr jefferson

"if you dont mind sir, thats my bum your touching. bit innapropriate i think." i laughed. the whole class did. she really had changed. she was assigned the seat next to me.

"hate me all you like millie but i would just like you to know i have changed. especially since the x factor and one direction."

"whats one direction" she asked

"seriously" i said raising my eyebrows "you know thats what makes you beautiful"

"ive been in australia styles. your not that popular there at the moment. i mean i've heard of one direction and all but i didnt know you were in it" i laughed

"what you said to sir was hilarious" i said. she smiled

"anyway, ive changed... please forgive me "

"maybe" she said and i smiled

"let me walk you home tonight" i said

"i have a car" she replied

"well then can you give me a lift, cuz i kinda left my car at home today. we can go out to eat. my treat as a welcome home present."

"okay" she sighed


by the time we got out of school that day millie had created a whole new life for hersle. she had been classed hottest girl and was already the captain of the cheer squad.

"you did good today" i said to her and she smiled

"thanks" she replies "now get in" she said pointing to a car

"wow"i said i mean she had one of the flashiest sports cars in the world "how do you afford this?" i asked. i mean she 18 what the hell.

"i wqas a model whlst i lived in australia. im applying for an agency here aswell though" she said and i could believe it. shes beautiful. as i got in the care i saw casey staring at me. my jealous ex girlfriend.

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