Here I Am

Poems about some of Life's Rollercoasters.


5. Patience Doesn't Come Easy. You're Welcome Anyway.


Patience Doesn't Come Easy. You're Welcome Anyway.


I tried. 

I guess I didn't try hard enough.



Waiting 2+ months. It wasn't long enough.

Giving all my time to you. I wasn't dedicated enough.

Risking everything to talk to you. That wasn't good enough.


I could list a lot of other things.

I tried.


I'm obviously just a piece of trash.

So just throw me away. 

End it.


They all end up this way.

Brand New.


Thrown Away.

 And right now, honestly, 

That's how it always will be.


I hope you know I cried for you.

and I would've died for you.


It doesn't matter anyway.

I tried.

Patience doesn't come easy.

You're welcome anyway.


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