Married To Tommo

My name is Hope Tomlinson. Yes. Tomlinson. Me and Louis, but mostly me, are raising six children, Mia, Colette, Nevaeh, Michael, Jacob, and Ari. So, yea. I’m 25 and raising six children. Lucky me.


1. Nevaeh

Let me take you back.  About 7 years ago.  I was marrying this total jerk off, Chris.  And when the priest was all like, “If anybody objects speak now or forever hold your peace.” and my ex-boyfriend Louis, bursts through in a fucking superman costume and is all, “I object!” and I got angry, and we fell back in love, and out popped my favorite little troublemakers.  Ever since then, we’ve been living wit- “Mommy!  Colette stole my dolly!” Mia blared.  Yea, Ok. I can’t do this without Lou.  Colette looks exactly like me, blonde semi-wavy hair, bright blue eyes, and full pink lips.  Mia on the other hand, is a Louis lookalike.  Squinted blue eyes, small lips and an adorable little nose, but she has curly hair.  “Colette.  Just give the doll to Mia.  Where’d yours go?” I asked.  “I let Darcy borrow it and she bwoke it.” she sulked, she loved her Polly.  “Share, okay honey bunnies?  Wanna play with Ari and Nevaeh?” I asked.  “NO!” they protested.  “Okay Jimmies.  How about we go to Toys R Us and we all buy new toys!” I anticipated, besides I needed a new double stroller considering I just had Nevaeh.  “YAY!” Colette jumped up and down.  We jumped in the mini van.  “Ok.  Lets get a kangaroo shirt, pacifiers, bottles, rattles, and twin strollers.” I looked at the list.  “Don’t forget the dolly’s Mommy!” Mia tugged at my arm, dragging me to the girls section.  “Look at these legos mommy!” Jacob pulled me towards the boys toys.  “Mom!  Look at these transformers and sky-landers!” Michael pulled me to figurines.  “Forst we wook at the dolly’s!” Colette, Mia (and Ari tried to say) said.  “No! We look at transformers, sky-landers and legos first!” Michael and Jacob fought back.  They fought a little while longer making Nevaeh cry.  “First we look at stuff for Mia and Nevaeh.” I ended the fight and strode towards the baby’s section.  “BOO!” they all disagreed.  “Da-Da.” Nevaeh pointed to a man looking at strollers.  “No sweetie.  That’s not Da-Da.” I kissed her head.  “Excuse me sir.” I smiled looking up.  “Daddy!” everyone but Nevaeh screamed.  “That’s not Daddy.  Daddy’s on tour.  He won’t be back for a long time.” I felt tears swell my eyes.  “Which one do you like more, the pink or the blue?” I asked a man in a Toys-R-Us uniform, “I like you more.” I looked up, flattered but offended.  “LOUIS!” I smiled.  “Hey babe.” he kissed me.  “EWW!  COOTIES!” most of the children ran in different directions.  “Come back here!” we chased them around until they were all calmed down.  “I got you a present for Nevaeh and Ari, a Barbie dream mansion, dolls with a matching car, pets and outfits for Colette and Mia, and for the boys I got legos and transformers.” Louis held up 9 bags that were hid behind him.  “DOLLY!  BARBIE!” two girls screamed.  “Lou, we don’t have room for this.” I sighed.  “Yea we do.” he smiled.  We drove home, and to my surprise the house was bigger!  He put in extension on it.  That’s why we couldn’t stay there for the two weeks.  “We made a playroom and guest room.” Louis opened the door.  “LOUIS IT’S BEAUTIFUL!” I gaped in awe.  “WOO!  PLAYTIME!” the children cheered.  “Nevaeh said her first sentence.  It was ‘I love carrots.’ she’s just like you and she hasn’t even eaten a carrot yet...I thought that would be something just for you two to share.” I smiled.  “Mommy pway Pwincess Castle wit me!” Mia and Colette dragged me away from my knight in shining armor.  “Mommy is Daddy home?” Colette asked, “Yes, sweetie.  He’s right there.” I smiled at her silliness.  “No Mommy, I mean home for good?” she asked.  How do I answer that?  “Louis!” I screamed.  “Colette wants to know if you’re home for good now.” I searched his face for an answer.  “I don’t know Collie Dollie.” Louis hugged her and carried her outside.  “Wanna play in the forest with me?” she asked jumping off of him.  “Sure, get you mermaid Barbie and your sisters!” Louis smiled watching her run off from him.  “Mommy!  MOMMY!  NEVAEH MADE AN ICKY!” Mia screamed.  “What is i-” I stopped, my baby threw up blood.  “Get Daddy.  We’re leaving.” I rushed her off to her clueless father.  “Sweetie, Mia made an icky?” he walked in the playroom.  “Kids get in the car.  We’re going to the hospital.” Louis drove to the hospital, I couldn’t due to the rain falling out of my eyes.  “It’ll be okay baby.  It’ll be okay.  Nevaeh will be fine.” Louis held my hand.  “You’ll be okay Nevaeh.  I promise Nevaeh.  I love you Nevaeh.” I stroked her growing hair.  “Are you okay Mommy?” Jacob asked.  “What’s wong Daddy?” Aria asked.  “Everything will be okay, Ari.  Don’t worry.” Louis looked back.  “HELP!  OUR DAUGHTER JUST VOMITED BLOOD!” I screamed at traffic.  Louis made a long loud honk.  “MOVE!” I screamed.  “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” one man screamed, “IT’S FUCKING TRAFFIC!” another girl screamed.  “That’s it.  Do all of you have your seat belts on?” Louis asked.  “Yea!” they all screamed over the loud cars.  Louis then went in-between the road.  “WATCH IT JACKASS!” words of hatred blared from the passing windows.  Sirens rang from behind.  “WOOP WEEP WOOP WEEP WOOP WEEP!” Michael imitated the noises.  “Pull over honey.” I squeezed his hand, feeling more blood staining my shirt.  “Sir, my baby is puking up blood.” Louis pleaded.  “Okay, I’ll have backup surround you while you drive.  For safety and to get there quicker.” the police man walked back and within seconds we were circled by sirens.  “Our daughter is vomiting blood.  Help us!” I screamed.  “We’ll get a stretcher and bring her to the pediatric emergency room.” a nurse consoled me and told the kids whats happening.  After many tests and things a doctor came in the room me and the family were in.  “I regret to tell you this, but your daughter is suffering from...”

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