Your Just A Little Too Late

Zayn and Rosie have been dating for two years, but what happens when Zayn gets caught cheating. Will Rosie run back to her ex or one of his mates? Will Zayn make things right? And what happens when Rosie finds out she's pregnate? Will she tell Zayn or keep it a secret? Read to find out.

By the way, this is my first movellas, so please comment and tell me what I should work on, and what y'all think. And I need enterys for Harrys girlfriend, so comment and tell me your name, interest, and what you look like/ or want to look like, tell me about you, and I will choose who the winner is. THANK YOU ALL FOR READING>!!<3 Love you all.


1. Happy Valenties Day.

I was excited to see Zayn, today it is our two year anniverasary and valentines day. So today is pretty speacial. I hurried to the shower to get ready for our dated tonight. After I got out, I put on a tight, black lace dress, put on a black beanie, black boots and curled my hair. Not long after I was done I heard a gentle knock at my door. I opened it to see Zayn standing there in black jeans, a black and blue varsitey jacket, and a blue button up shirt. Damn, I am so lucky!  "Wow, babe, you look.... beautiful!" He said bititng his bottom lip. "You look hot yourself!" I said giving his a wink. Then Zayn pulled me into a tight hug, and smashed his lips into mine, passiontanly kissing me for a few mintues. His tongue slid across my lips asking for entrance, and glady I let him. Slowly I pulled away and looked him in the eyes, "I wish people could know about us, I hate keeping this a secret!" I whispered. "I know but, I just can't risk loosing you, and you getting hurt. I just can't love I'm sorry." He said a little hint of pity in his voice. "Well anyways, let's go eat!" I said hungry. Fifteen mintues later we where in our seats at the resraunt. "Babe, there is something I'd like to show you stay right here don't move!" He commanded. Then he ran off, mintues later I saw a camera crew and Zayn on a stage with the micrphone. "This is for my amazing, loyal, beautiful girlfriend that I love so much. We have been going strong for two years today. I am so happy that I can still call her mine. But, babe I think it's time people found out about us. Don't you?" As he was talking he walked to where he was standing directly infront of me. Music started playing and he started singing 'Magic' the cameras where taking live feed. And the poperotizi was taking pictures, but all I could focus on Zayn singing.

'Cause you, you got this spell on me

I dont know what to believe

Kissed you once now I can't leave

Cause everything you do is magic

But everything you do is magic


So l-l-let them take the pictures

Spread it all around the world spread it all around the world now  dada-dadada-da-da-da-da

I wanna put on my record

I want everyone to know now

But baby you got me moving too fast
'Cause I know you wanna be bad
And girl when you're lookin' like that (dada - dadada)
I can't hold back.


Cause you you got this spell on me

I dont know what to believe

Kissed you once so I cant leave

Cause everything you do is magic"


I was speachless. I had tears running down my face, tears of joy. "Look Rosie I love you and not right now cause I know you don't want to just yet, but I want to make you my wife soon, but until then, I will just give you this promise ring, to show you that I will always be faithful, true, and loyal to you. I love you. " Zayn pulled out a small velvet box, and opened it to a promise ring that was beautiful.

"Awh, Zayn I love you too. This is beautiful." He slipped the ring on to my finger then our eyes met. I have never loved someone soo much. Instantly our lips contected. I could hear people snapping picture but, I didn't care. All I cared about was Zayn.








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