Your Just A Little Too Late

Zayn and Rosie have been dating for two years, but what happens when Zayn gets caught cheating. Will Rosie run back to her ex or one of his mates? Will Zayn make things right? And what happens when Rosie finds out she's pregnate? Will she tell Zayn or keep it a secret? Read to find out.

By the way, this is my first movellas, so please comment and tell me what I should work on, and what y'all think. And I need enterys for Harrys girlfriend, so comment and tell me your name, interest, and what you look like/ or want to look like, tell me about you, and I will choose who the winner is. THANK YOU ALL FOR READING>!!<3 Love you all.


2. Going On Tour

I woke up the next morning Zayns are wrapped around me his face snuggled into my neck. "Babe, wake up." I whishpered in his ear. "Five more mintues, please?" He moaned in his sexy morning voice. "No, wake up you have to get ready for the interview then pack for tour." I said in a sad puppy voice. "Can't I just change my name and stay here?" He said sitting up, his naked tourso still against me. "No, your friends need you. Plus, I get to see you every two months for the weekend, we'll Skype every night, talk on the phone, and text as much as we can." I said trying to cheer him up. "Yeah, but it's not the same love... I want you to be by my side the whole time. I want to show all my fans, my directioners, that I love you. That we love each other...." Slowly his lips found mine. Our kissed lingered, and finally I pulled back, then went in for another kiss. "I don't want you to leave." I said poutting. "I know, I don't want to leave babe. But, I promise, I'll find a way to make it up to you. Okay?" He said giving me a wink, then rolling on top of me, planting small kisses all over my neck and cheek. "I love you, and I will always love you." His lips where against my ear, and his warm breathe tickeled my ear, making me shiver with pleasure. "I love you, and I hope so because, I know, I will always love you baby." We just sat there staring at each other, the silence wasn't awkward, because in that moment of silence, we understood each other like we never have before. "Ugh, I have to get in the shower, babe you should start packing you have to leave here at exactly 7:oo pm." I hoped in the shower real fast.


I can't be away from her for that long, I have to find a way to take her with me. While she was in the shower I made a quick call to Simon, "Hey Simon. Can I ask you something?" I said whispering, making sure she couldn't here me. "Yeah, what is it Zayn?"

"You've known about Rosie and I longer then anyone, and right now I need her. I don't think I could go on tour without her. I know this is a lot to ask but I was wondering if possibly she could maybe come on tour with us?" There was a long pause before he awnsered my question. "Well, I know Rosie is looking for a job as a back-up dancer so, if she agrees in being a back-up dancer for you on tour. She may come."

"Oh my godsh. thank you so much." Then the line went dead. Right then Rosie walked out in black skinny jeans and a tight skull shirt with black comat boots and a beanie, with on make-up, she looked beautiful. "Guess what babe?" I said in a excited, high pitched voice. "Yeah?"

"Simon said you can come on tour with us, only if you agree to being a back-up dancer for the show?!"

"Oh my god!! Are you serious? Yes of course!!" I picked her up and spun her around as she clung to my neck.

"By the way babe, you look amazing." Then planted a small but, intense kiss on her lips.

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