Love-From, Maxine Logan

Dear Boys,
Hi. My name is Maxine. You can call me Max. This is the first of many letters I'm going to send you. All I ask is, that you write back. No "follows" or "friends". I really hope you get the chance. I'm 17, brunette, and tall. Honestly, I just need a friend. That's why I'm sending these. You see, I have none. I don't need sympathy or anything, just a friend. So please, please write back.
Maxine Logan


6. Chapter 6

Dear Boys,

This is the last letter you'll be getting from me. I know now, I have no hope of making any friends. I'm so alone. The people at school have been hitting me now, and I have big bruises and cuts all along my arms. No one loves me, no one cares about me. I just don't belong here. I can't stand being here any more. I will never be able to fit in. I'm just burried in a 100 foot deep hole of hopelessness and I'll never be able to climb out of it. if the world was a machine, I'd be one of the extra pieces you'd never need. The cheerio in the world of fruit loops. I hope you have wonderful lives and careers. I hope you live life to the fullest. Do what I never had and will never have the courage to do, live. I just hope you'll do that for me, even if you don't get these letters. Even if you just trow it away as soon as you read it. Live for me. Even if that's the only thing you do do for me. Okay, goodbye forever.


                                                                                                                                Maxine Logan

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