Love-From, Maxine Logan

Dear Boys,
Hi. My name is Maxine. You can call me Max. This is the first of many letters I'm going to send you. All I ask is, that you write back. No "follows" or "friends". I really hope you get the chance. I'm 17, brunette, and tall. Honestly, I just need a friend. That's why I'm sending these. You see, I have none. I don't need sympathy or anything, just a friend. So please, please write back.
Maxine Logan


5. Chapter 5


Hi. It's Maxine, you can call me Max. Okay, so it's been seven weeks and six letters, but there's been no reply! Do you even plan on writing back?! I just try to be your friend, and all I get is neglect! I mean, I already have a suck-y life as it is, but with you guys not answering, I just feel, useless. Like, I'm not meant to be here. I know you're getting these letters because I know I write the addresses perfect! I even specifically writing it perfect on the first and second ones! So, if you don't reply in two weeks, don't expect another letter from me. My head is just spinning everyday, and I can't stand all of the hate I get from the people at school. No one likes me for no reason!! I need to... I need to get away from this. I am just an unwanted entity on this earth. I'll never be loved, and I'll never be able to love someone like I would really like to. It may sound pathetic, but I'm seventeen, and I've never even been kissed. I-I'm just, hopeless. I don't feel like I belong here, do you know what I mean? Well, that's enough preaching for today. Remember, two weeks. Please, please write back.


                                                                                                                                Maxine Logan

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