Love-From, Maxine Logan

Dear Boys,
Hi. My name is Maxine. You can call me Max. This is the first of many letters I'm going to send you. All I ask is, that you write back. No "follows" or "friends". I really hope you get the chance. I'm 17, brunette, and tall. Honestly, I just need a friend. That's why I'm sending these. You see, I have none. I don't need sympathy or anything, just a friend. So please, please write back.
Maxine Logan


3. Chapter 3

Dear Boys,

Hey! It's Maxine. You can call me Max. Sorry I didn't write last week, I had big exams I had to study for. I also had late-night therapy sessions with my doctor. She's trying to make a list of things I should do to try to get rid of my depression. I already know it'll never work. Just like when I cut. All it does is numb the emotional pain with physical pain. I just have the problem with hiding the scars. It's a lot easier to hide emotional pain. Well, I've been eating in the bathroom again. But now, since all of the popular girls know I eat in there, they come in and give me lunchtime swirlies. What did I tell you? I've counted fifteen slushie throws and eleven swirlies since I last wrote. But, just out of curiosity, do you even plan on writing back? I mean, you probably don't even get these. I do write the address sloppily. I'll make it perfect from now on. I promise. So, I just really hope you get this one. But anyways, like always, I just needed a friend or well, in this case friends to talk to. So, please, please write back. 


                                                                                                                                 Maxine Logan 

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