Love-From, Maxine Logan

Dear Boys,
Hi. My name is Maxine. You can call me Max. This is the first of many letters I'm going to send you. All I ask is, that you write back. No "follows" or "friends". I really hope you get the chance. I'm 17, brunette, and tall. Honestly, I just need a friend. That's why I'm sending these. You see, I have none. I don't need sympathy or anything, just a friend. So please, please write back.
Maxine Logan


2. Chapter 2

Dear Boys,

 Hey! It's Maxine. You can call me Max. My life keeps getting worse and worse. Things had been getting better for me, so I ate in the lunchroom again today. Bad choice. The guy I had a crush on "accidentally" dumped his food all over me. I just can't take this much longer. But, I'm afraid I'll take it out on my little sister, or my mom, or even my doctor. I've been diagnosed with depression, and I've been prescribed an anti-depressant. I really hope they work. But, back to the school factor, my teachers have noticed that I've been bullied, and are going to "do something about it". Yeah, right. By next week, I'll have had the record number of swirlies and slushie stains in the whole school, I might even break my personal record! Yay! She said sarcastically. I wish I could do something special. Other than write depressing poetry about my suck-y life like Taylor Swift writes about her suck-y ex's. (No offense Harry) Well, I hope you can give me words of wisdom about what I should do. So, please, please write back. 


                                                                                                                               Maxine Logan

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