Temptations - Spring Competition

Well, this is my entry for the Spring Picture Prompt. Completely out of my usual style, but I decided to try it. The plot is based on the picture and the fact that gentlemen seem to be as rare as rubies nowadays. So there it is; hope you can give it a try!


1. The magic of pink balloons

It was warm. Warm enough to go outside in a t-shirt without freezing to death. The sky was clear, and a bright shade of blue, the birds were chirping happily, taking little baths in the fountains and sharing their beautiful songs with the world.

The sudden appearance of the sun was like a shot of espresso – everybody was happy and chirp; the sun’s rays washing away the bleak, drab greys and browns of winter, and the sour moods that accompanied it, replacing it with bright, cheerful colours and happy, helpful people. Flowers poked their heads from the ground now that the thin layer of snow that covered it was gone.

It truly was beautiful.

Yet amidst it all was a person who didn’t have time to stop and appreciate the simple beauty; Connor McCarthy was his name.

He was running, his thin cotton shirt sticking to his skin in an uncomfortable fashion with sweat. But he ignored it. He had to keep running or else he’d be late.

Late. The sheer idea was enough to make him speed up.

Suddenly, his phone buzzed in his pocket and he slowed down enough to retrieve it and check the message.

Yo, you there yet? I swear, if I find out you were late, I’ll kill you.

A smile bloomed on his lips. His best friend, Patrick, was the only one he told about his plans for today, and whom he was meeting. Of course, Patrick, in true Patrick-fashion had immediately assumed it was going to be a date. Connor had hastily cleared that up, explaining that it was going to be a ‘simple meeting between old friends’. Patrick had snorted at that, and it was obvious he didn’t believe him.

Back to the matter at hand; Connor focused on his phone, his tongue poking out as he concentrated on pressing the right buttons. Typing while running was really harder than it looked.

No, I’m not. My alarm bell didn’t ring this morning. Don’t kill me!

He suddenly realised that he was going to meet his crush - (OK, Patrick was right, it wouldn’t be just a simple meeting, at least not for him) – but the point was, he was going to see his crush empty-handed.

Now, that just wouldn’t do. He tried to think of something she would like, something that would fit her, but at the same time wouldn’t reveal his feelings. His eyes fell on a man holding a bunch of pink balloons, and Connor smiled. He was saved.

Due to the quick detour he had to take to purchase the balloons, he now had only five minutes left to get to the agreed meeting spot. He sped up his pace, praying to whoever would listen to let him get there on time.  A relieved sigh escaped him when he saw her, sitting just how he imagined her, on the curb with her legs stretched out in front of her and a dreamy look on her face.

When her eyes fell on him, she smiled and stood up. “Connor! You came!”

Connor’s breath hitched. She was beautiful. Her long blonde hair was loose and framed her face perfectly, she wore a short navy dress, just the right length to expose her long legs but not look too short, and the look was finished with the red heels. Connor noticed, with no small amount of amusement, that even in heels, she was still half a head shorter than him.

“Annie. Of course I came.” He gave her a gentle hug and pulled away. He offered her a small smile and gave her the balloons. “Here. For you.”

She smiled brilliantly, her teeth sparkling in the sun. “Oh! Thank you! That’s so cute!” she climbed on her tip-toes and planted a small kiss on his cheek, and Connor was fighting down the blush that was threatening to appear at the action.

He lost.

“Aw! You’re blushing!” Annie giggled lightly, poking his cheek. “But really, you didn’t have to get me anything.” She mumbled shyly.

Connor smiled. “What sort of man would I be if I went to see a woman empty-handed?” he asked teasingly, feigning indignant at the suggestion.

Annie’s smile grew. “I forgot how proper you were.” She remarked jokingly. “But it’s good; I feel like the world is running out of gentlemen. Here, sit down!” she pointed to the curb she was previously perched on, smiling at him.

He could do nothing but obey, and watch as she sat by him.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, merely enjoying each other’s company.


“Then-” they started at the same time.

Connor shook his head. “You go.”

Annie blushed, but nodded, smiling happily. “I’m really glad you could meet me today. I missed you.”

He stared into her blue eyes, trying to gauge the sincerity of those words, and when he saw nothing that said she was lying, he allowed a hopeful smile to bloom on his face.

Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’tdoit!

But he did. He couldn’t resist it, couldn’t resist her.

So he leaned in…

And kissed her. 

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